Are Wikipedia Backlinks Effective|Why buy Wikipedia Backlinks?

In Internet Marketing, SEO is king.

Writing great content without backlinks is useless despite what Google might tell you.

Yes, the truth is that backlinks do really help in showing search engines that your content is great and many people are linking out to it.


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Get A Wikipedia Backlinks at $50 | How to create quality backlinks for my website| Buy High Quality Backlinks from Wikipedia

SEO Wikipedia background: how to get wiki backlinks

You must have come here asking how to create quality backlinks for my website. Well, just a few minutes and you will get that which you need. In this post, I promise to show you how to get quality backlinks and one of those ways is wikipedia links.

We all know how hard it is to gain English wikipedia backlinks.Seos will tell you to fix wikipedia broken links but the truth is that it never sticks. At the same time, we know how beneficial they would be for SEO. Though nofollow, Wikipedia backlinks form part of Google’s Knowledge graph. Other benefits of wikipedia backlinks are:

  1. Wikipedia site has Moz DA 100 and PA 67.
  2. Wikipedia site has Ahrefs DR 70 and UR 38.
  3. Wikipedia articles are interlinked meaning that what you get is awesome link juice.

wikipedia for seo

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Low Testosterone and a Writer’s Block Affect Mike’s Work

Today, we will veer off from the norm and look at this testogen review that got back Mike back on track after a writer’s block.


Low testosterone can make you feel lethargic and out of control with your work. I never knew this until I met Mike. Mike was a great freelance writer who would pen at least 10,000 words per day. Now, 10,000 words per day for those who know writing is no joke. It is a great strain on your creative juices. 10,000 words is the kind of word count that you would not wish on your worst enemy. It is this kind of daily word count that will make your look slumped on your back and seem cursed to the keyboard life. Well, that was Mike. And was he making a good sum of money from his hustle. Yes, he was working with an advertising agency and things were looking up. He was living in the leafy suburbs and yes, he was driving. His kids were also going to one of those high end schools in the city where tycoons take their children in the morning and send in chaffeurs to drive them home after school. That was Mike’s life. And did I say that he was also cashing by writing columns on the local newspapers and magazines. Mike’s writing life was rosy and his byline was everywhere you looked.

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Earn by Writing on Hivisasa as a Citizen Journalist

Do you want to work as a citizen journalist and earn from your sweat? There are those of us who went to journalism school or wanted to be news journalists but mainstream media houses would not just accommodate us. They had too many writers on their plate and as such we would have to wait to till heaven knows when before they employed us or we saw our bylines on the papers. Anytime we send them unsolicited articles that we want to see published on the papers, our efforts are met with silence. The editor just blushes through the email and since they have a full time journalist covering the story, your article never sees the light of the day. One feels like giving up and looking for another profession, don’t you? Well, I have been in those very shoes and I know how bad it feels. But here is the good news; there is an online publication that will accept your articles. All you need to do is pen good articles revolving on what is trending in Kenya, send them and if they are published, you get 100shs in your Mpesa account. When you write for hivisasa, all this comes to pass.

write for hivisasa

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Last week, I earned my first 13 euros through affiliate marketing. Okay, let’s repeat that slowly. All of us. JAMES. EARNED. HIS.FIRST. 13. EUROS. THROUGH. AFFILIATE. MARKETING. Yes, I know 13 euros is such a small amount to make me brag. In fact, I have earned more than that in other online avenues. Other people have earned more than 1000 times of that. But hey, I am allowed to blow my trumpet abit because I did it out chiefly from a passive way a thing that I only dreamt about before.
















Hardwork pays. That is a maxim that Kenya’s undoubtedly best Kiswahili creative writer Wallah bin Wallah lives by. Wallah eats from the sweat of his brow. And well, his brow must be a very sweaty one because he is able to rake at least 20 million shillings annually in royalty. If you happened to school in Kenya, you must know Ustadh Wallah Bin Wallah. If he wasn’t famous at your time in primary school, then you must have had one of your kids tell you to buy them either Kiswahili Mufti, Insha Mufti or Chemsha Bongo. Or better still, you must have heard Mwalimu Wallah on KBC Radio teaching and speaking in the most eloquent and admirable Swahili. ‘Maneeeeno haya’ is a popular phrase that he likes repeating at the end of his shows as he reprimands people for wrong use of the language.


When I was still in school, I believed that Wallah Bin Wallah must have been a Tanzania or Coast born Swahili speaker. But nay, he is a non-native. Wallah was born in Nyakach- Nyando, Nyanza Province in Kenya. Interestingly, today, he is revered throughout the whole of Eastern Africa as a Swahili teacher and a writer of great fame.  And so we come back to the English as a Second Language writing–is it possible to write better than natives? Ask Wallah. He will tell you a big ‘yes’ and even proceed to tell you that he coined his own Ngeli which has been embraced by all today.



On 15th March, 2017 closed. I first saw these news on Remarkable Freelance Writers in Africa facebook group. Spike Wyatt announced the sad news saying that the business was no longer profitable and he was therefore setting up another website where he will be working with writers to edit their articles. closed




 (WLE) has been running for three years  since 2014. Personally, it has been a great blow to me and the team that I was mentoring. I  used Writelearnearn to learn, write and sell my articles. I had also referred a total of 36 newbies. I had even gone on to write an ebook on how newbies could write, learn and earn on the WLE. I had so much mastered the WLE system that I had gone on to establish a warm relationship with Spike to the point of interviewing him on Kuza Biashara.

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Meet Walter Akolo; A Prolific Kenyan Freelancer

Walter Akolo; African freelance writer
Walter Akolo; African freelance writer

This Post about Walter Akolo African freelancer writer first appeared on African Freelancers blog on 6th March, 2017

Walter Akolo is a Kenyan freelancer, blogger and internet marketer who has been interviewed on major websites and media outlets such as US Paysa and Kenyan Standard Media.

He was named as one of the five fastest-rising entrepreneurs in Kenya by Kuza Biashara in 2014. Walter Akolo has also been named as one of the most influential youths by Kenya yote. With no college education to boast about, a family that looks up to him for their sustenance, Walter is an epitome of resilience who has braved online writing for over six years now.

Currently, he still does online writing for clients but he mostly relies on passive online income generated by his freelance writing blog which has over 20,000 unique monthly visitors. Indeed, Walter is one of the guys who will shape the African freelance narrative. He has written on the Huffington Post, helped international clients build their content marketing strategies and trained newbies on how to earn online.

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How To Make Passive Online Income– A Case Study of Kenyan Online Freelancers

Today, I read a piece by James Keru of Kuza Biashara that really got me thinking. It was titled Six Habits That Will Keep You Poor for the Rest of Your Life and one of the habits he said would keep me poor till eternity was  focusing on a linear rather than passive income streams. James Keru is brutally honest with answers and does not mince his words. His writing hurts but shapes. It is one article that I would wish was written in 2013 when I started earning through online writing so that I could think of this online passive income ideas that are guaranteed to have you earn as you sleep.


Unfortunately Kenyan blogging was still in its infantile stage and getting information was like looking for a needle in a haystack—information was so scarce. Those who had it believed that to get richer and richer, they needed to keep the knowledge secret.


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Earn Online Through Website Testing Jobs

Hi. There is a new online money making method in town that you didn’t know about. Forget academic and article writing. Forget transcribing. Forget affiliate marketing. Forget completing surveys. The new gig is website testing jobs. Imagine earning by just visiting websites and testing how usable they are. Picture how easy that kind of job would be. Here, all you do is test how usable or user friendly a website is and give feedback to earn.

website testing jobs
Websites Need Testers

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