How to do Local SEO for Multiple Locations in Kenya

There are cases when an SEO would be required to implement local optimizations for a business with multiple locations.

Picture this: a bank with many branches or a healthcare brand with many clinics spread across the entire country.

Such brands would require that you optimize their search engine appearances for the different locations where they serve customers

How to do SEO for multiple locations

1.Claim and verify Google business profiles for each of the location

You need to treat each business location as its own entity. They will however have the same brand name. The only difference is the location.

A case in point for this is a bank such as DIB Bank Kenya. They have branches in Bondeni, Eastleigh, Banda and Upper hill Nairobi.

We created GMB profiles for each of the location. We also uploaded different images for each of the storefronts.

2. Have individual landing pages for each of the location on your website

If it is feasible, you would need a landing page for each of the different locations of your business. Here you could have information that pertain to that location. Say for example the opening hours, contact information of the customer representatives as well as the google map for the location.

To increase organic ranking for these different landing pages, you could create support pages that rank only to the specific location.

A case in point is what Mi Vida real estate company have done. While they have different locations, they still use one website. Each of the multiple locations has its own individual landing page.

3. Use local business schema with departments

We have already seen how to implement the local business schema mark-up language on the homepage. For businesses with multiple locations, you would need to use the department feature to tell search engines that this is a branch of the main business.

4. Local Citations for Each Landing page

You will need to create local citations for each of the different locations. Say for example that you have a bank branch in Limuru.

You will need to create directory citations for businesses in Limuru.

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