The Process of Domain Registration in Kenya

If you are looking to get your business online in Kenya through having a website, then you need to do some domain registration.

Registering a website domain in Kenya is a quick and easy process.

All you will need is the domain name, the registrant company, pay up the domain registration fee and you are done.

In my example I will use Kenya Web Experts as the domain registration company.

I like Kenya Web Experts because they have some of the cheapest domains in Kenya and their customer service skills are top-notch.

Let’s say that I have arrived at jamesnjenga as my domain name and would like to use .ke as my domain suffix. Therefore, my domain name will be

Well, I will go ahead to kenya web experts and type in this.

domain registration in kenya

After typing, I click on the search button.

Remember the domain name need to be available. The Kenya web experts online portal will check this out and inform me whether the domain name is available.

If not, I will have to look for another name.

If available, they will ask that I create an account with them and then go ahead to make payment.

In this case, is available! I can therefore go ahead to register it.

To do so, I will click on continue where I will be taken to step 2 of the domain registration in Kenya process.

Here, I am required to enter the domain configuration details.

domain configuration details on Kenya web experts

They will expect me to input the hosting details where the domain will be pointed to.

If I am using Kenya web experts as my hosting company, I do not need to edit this part since by default, their nameservers are written there.

If I am using another hosting company though, I will have to change the nameservers.

Once I have have completed this step, I go ahead to the last step where I make payment as well as register for an account with Kenya Web Experts. When all this is done, an email will be sent to me indicating that the domain has been registered.

Payment on Kenya Web Experts can either be via Mpesa, Airtel Money, Vodacom, Paypal or Bank.

It might take time before the domain is propagated to the nameservers of the hosting company and I can have the website created on it.