Online Business Ideas in Kenya

Making money online in Kenya is hard, right? There are so many options out there and it can be really confusing to figure out which ones work best.

You’re not alone. A lot of Kenyans struggle with finding a profitable online business for sale idea that works for them and their lifestyle.

We’ve done the research for you! This article will give you an overview of some of the most popular online businesses in Kenya today, as well as a few tips on how to get started.

When I was starting out on my journey to make money online in Kenya, I remember I faced a lot of hurdles. For one, there was no genuine information how to get started. Those who had the information wanted to be paid or only gave it out to their best of friends.

I remember clearly walking into the University of Nairobi Mathematics Department computer lab and Googling the words make money writing as a campus student. There were many search results but most did not clearly state what I needed to know.

One led me to an email address of a client who wanted academic article writers.

I applied for the job and got a reply.

Awesome, right?

Well, the client wanted me to do a sample article on what is social deviance.

I did my research using Google scholar and quickly wrote up an article.

It was however not well formatted and the Grammar was anything but good.

The client did not reply after I sent the article.

I gave up on online writing.

If only, I would have pushed on.

Later on, in my third year in college, I came across someone who literally held my hand in article writing.

The guy showed me how to research my articles, how to ensure that my Grammar was alright and asked me to proofread my work before submitting it to clients.

From there, it was a smooth sail as I handled one client work after the other.

After college, I had my stint working as an academic writer. I made good money but the work was tough and really mind boggling.

When I landed my first ICT training job, I learnt about amazon affiliate marketing which has been giving me a steady stream of income from 2018.

  • Start a blog and earn through affiliate marketing or ads

Since 2018, I have been making money through the Amazon affiliate marketing model. What the model involves is finding products on the ecommerce store, reviewing them on your blog, Youtube channel or Facebook page and earning a commission whenever readers buy through your affiliate links.“`

  • Sell courses online

I have a friend who sells his Amazon affiliate marketing course online. Another does a course on copywriting. They are using loom and zoom to create the course and record it. Once edited and packaged nicely, they are able to sell it out to a good number of their email subscribers.

You too could do the same. Think of what you know that other people do not know and could be searching for it. Package it nicely and sell it in form of an online course.

  • Earn through kindle publishing

You do not have to publish your book with offline publishers. You could opt for self-publishing and go ahead to sell the book on Amazon kindle. As long as your book is highly informative and engaging, has covered a much sought for niche, then you are good to know. You can be sure that you will always find buyers for the ebook.

  • Design websites for people and get paid

If you possess web design skills such as Html, javascript, WordPress, php and Css, you could start a business of developing websites for people. You could also sign up on job board such as people per hour, upwork and where such skills are highly looked for.

  • Start a graphic design website

If you are really good in using Adobe photoshop, illustrator or even, you could advertise your graphic design skills and start creating logos, business cards, adverts and posters for people. You could then market yourself either through Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Tiktok or a personal website.

  • Start a gig board that connects workers with clients

The guys at kuhustle had an excellent idea where they created this platform where Kenyan freelancers could meet with companies that wanted to outsource work. Of course both parties needed to pay a certain fee to Kuhustle for the connection and using their resources.

  • Start a home schooling course

I like what the guys at Kidato school are doing. Maybe the idea was birthed when corona virus struck the country and parents saw the need for home schooling sessions delivered from an online platform. How about you start teaching skills through such a creative angle.

  • Start teletherapy

As the world becomes more of a global village, you no longer need to meet your clients physically for therapy. Say for example that you are a speech therapist, since parents may be getting tired of the commute to a speech therapist, jump on the opportunity and start offering your services online. All you will need is a video conferencing platform say Google Meet, Zoom or even Whatsapp video calls and you can meet your clients for the teletherapy sessions.

  • Selling own products

I just completed doing keyword research for a lady friend who is selling fruit baskets in Nairobi. She has been in the business since 2014 and though she is not making millions in the business,

  1. Offer SEO services to people

If you are good in SEO, you can offer your services to people who are starting out their local services sites or ecommerce. To do this, you will need to have great content writing skills as well as ace your on page and off page optimization skills.

  • Sell sponsored content and guest posts

There was one time when I was offering pbn and sponsored guest post links. Online marketers need links that will prove to Google that they have authoritative and can be trusted so as to rank with ease. I used to scrape for expired domains that had authority and sell them or recreate websites that had authority and then sell PBN links. This strategy was really good but at the same risky and tiring because I had to really hide my footprints lest Google discovered that I was trying to game them. Today, the only thing that I offer is guest posts on a few high DA sites that I am a contributor.

Though I get few clients, the pay is really good. At the moment, I charge at least $80 to $100 per guest post link.

  • Offer data science services

With machine learning and data analytics skills, you should be making a kill online. Today, most fintech companies are looking for data scientists who are going to help them with credit scoring or creating financial models that are going to help their businesses predict how they are going to perform in the future.

  • Start academic writing

Most Kenyans students after college try academic writing where they help students in the US, UK and Canada complete their assignments. You too could learn the ropes of how to do it. Once you have skills in writing using the required formats such as APA, Turabian, Chicago and MLA and can write in a wide range of subjects, you are good to go.

You could either acquire the clients through direct contact through their university sites or through SEO since they are always looking for online help to complete their assignments

  • Help people complete online tasks

In Kenya, people require to have DCI good conduct certificates, passports and obtain log books. Every year, we are also require to file our tax returns with KRA. Once you master how to do these tasks, you could start doing them for people at a fee. All you need to do is do good marketing and deliver high quality services as per your client needs.

  • Start a Youtube Channel and earn through the Youtube Partner Program

Are you comical? Do you have content that could get people engaged and glued on the screens as they watch you? Well, you could make money through Youtube Partner Program. To qualify, you will first need to have a Youtube channel that is generating lots of traffic and has a couple of subscribers.

From what I have observed from friends who run successful Youtube channels, you need to focus on having content that will keep the audience glued through your entire videos. It therefore needs to be helpful, entertaining as well as engaging.