Niche Ideas from Award Winning Startups

For the last one week, I have been actively looking at awesome startups that have gone on to win in award challenges.

They offer lots of niche ideas for anyone trying to think of their next blog.

#1. Money254

One is Money 254 where I have actually guest posted an article on passive income. Money 254 is a financial advice tool for Kenyans. It looks at different loans available for Kenyans whether they are bank or mobile loans.

It tells you of the interest rates, repayment period as well as the requirements you need to meet to acquire the loan.

I also like the option they have of you comparing different loans.

The website is really interactive and once you answer a question, you are taken to another page with options that you qualify for.

My guess is that they will use affiliate marketing and sponsored financial ads as their monetization model. As it stands now though, they seem to be just adding content and getting lots of traffic from it.

What I love about the blog is the consistent posting as well as the potential to scale. I am sure once they have adequately captured the Kenyan market, they will diversify and look at Africa as a whole.

Covering the entire Africa, am sure will be easy peasy for them.

I feel that the struggles that I am having in finance here in Nairobi are the same that a guy in Lekki, Lagos is also going through. If you do not believe this read the Smart Money Woman book by Arese Ugwu.

They are mostly relying on social content which will of course generate direct visits since the blog is getting so popular with valuable content that would help the average Kenyan struggling with money management.

With the kind of content they are publishing, their internal linking and topical relevance, I am sure that they are also getting Google organic traffic.

Lets just explore their report from ahrefs for avoidance of doubt.

Ahrefs estimates that they are getting about 5000 organic monthly searches.

This though is always a low estimate and the real numbers could be from 8000 to 10000.

I can’t be sure. Not unless I get a Google Search console access of their data.

Looking at the top keywords bringing in the traffic, am pleased to see that they are not brand searches but rather product searches that they have reviewed.

They are ranking for ‘zenka loan limit’ and ‘tala loan limit’ for example, even ahead of the real apps.

That is super dope!

#2. Flutterwave

Flutterwave is another admirable fintech startup that has won millions of dollars in investment. The startup is all about enabling online payments and remittances in Africa.

Businesses can create seamless checkouts on their online stores while individuals can create virtual cards to complete payment.

It borrows heavily from Paypal and Stripe.

But now in a local African way.

This makes it unique and really scalable.

It seems though that Flutterwave has not invested that much into their SEO game.

Judging by the look of things, they seem not to be getting that much organic traffic despite the fact that their domain has lots of authority and backlinks.

I feel that they might have executed things wrongly when they introduced flutterwave stores into their own domain where business owners can sell their products.

Well, to a business person wishing to grow and make things easy for their consumers, then this is super cool.

But from an SEO standpoint, it ain’t cool at all.

Search engines had begun identifying them with payment processing and all that.

Then they introduced indexable store urls that talk about selling clothes, electronics, chairs and all that.

It gets confusing and the search algorithms might not really get topical relevance for that.

Checking through their Ahrefs report, they have a traffic of about 120K visitors per month.

However, most of their organic searches seem to be about the brand ‘flutterwave’

They owners need to come up with a proper content strategy on guides to use flutterwave that will capture in new audience.

At the same time, it is time they decided to move the customer stores into a new domain maybe?

#3. Wowzi

Wowzi is another great startup that is leveraging on the power of influencer marketing. Cool thing is that they are not targeting those big celebrity influencers.

No, just the common Mary and Joe.

Nano influencers you may want to call them.

I think I have seen the same model being used by intellifluence and I loved it.

So, in a nutshell, Wowzi are thinking global but acting local.

Kudos Wowzi!

A look at their organic traffic estimates though, I see that they are not doing so well in terms of SEO.

I would recommend them to do proper keyword research and blog about it this time targeting businesses that are searching for digital marketing solutions.