Monitoring and tracking Google my Business Effectiveness for Kenyan Businesses

There are several ways to measure the effectiveness of a Google My Business listing in your digital marketing efforts. We will look at just a few here:

  1. Track website traffic: Use UTM tracker codes on Google Analytics to track how many visitors are coming to your website from your Google My Business listing. This way, you will be able to know whether the GMB is helping in your local seo strategy or not.
  2. Monitor reviews and ratings: Keep an eye on the number of Google reviews and ratings your listing is receiving, as well as the overall sentiment of those reviews. This way, you will know what to improve in your business. At the same time, replying to your Google reviews inspires confidence in your audience in that they are able to feel appreciated by your business and are likely to come back.
  3. Track phone calls and website form submissions: Use call tracking and form tracking software to see how many phone calls and website submissions are coming from your Google My Business listing.
  4. Measure in-store visits: Use Google’s “Store Visits” metric to see how many people are visiting your physical location as a result of searching for your business on Google.
  5. Monitor search ranking: Monitor your search ranking on google, to see how well your GMB listing is performing in terms of visibility and traffic.

Overall, tracking the performance of your Google My Business listing can help you understand how it is impacting your digital marketing efforts and make adjustments as needed to improve results.

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