Getting the Best Niche Ideas for Amazon Affiliate marketing

Most amazon affiliate newbies find it hard to select the niche they are going to blog about.

I too was there before I found great hacks that I now use.

Where can you get the best niche idea for your next affiliate site?

Before you even think of purchasing a website domain and hosting, do keyword research and create content, you first need to think of the niche that you are going to blog about.

A niche is nothing but a topic that clearly stands out through your blog.

For example I am going to blog about mattresses in my blog, then my niche could be said to be the sleep niche.

If I start a blog about sweaters for toddlers, then my niche can be said to be toddlers.

[su_note]Once you select  your niche, you are marking out what you can blog about and what you cannot blog about.[/su_note]

Search engines will also know that you are an authority in a certain niche and so they will trust you for knowledgeable content about the same. Your readers also know what kind of blog posts to expect from you and they will therefore feel inclined to subscribe to your email lists if the niche is something they are interested in.

So, where do you get your niche ideas. I will explore some of the places that I go to when starting a niche blog.

  1. Your Surroundings

Niche ideas are everywhere. You just need to look around where you are at. Niches can be about home improvement, school equipment and stationery, hospital equipment, art decorations,automotive parts etc.

You just need to think about the pain points that you have heard while struggling to improve your home, to get car parts or to secure your home property. When you find those pain points, know that you are not the only person who is troubled by such things. Other people are also sailing in the same boat and you could be their savior when you start a blog that addresses exactly those problems.

  1. Reddit and forums

I like reddit in that there are so many subreddits with people looking to addressa common pain point. You could visit these subreddits and identify the problems that the members are going through so as to address them.

Forums are also good in getting your next niche idea.

  1. Niche hacks

The very first niche site that I ever created was about testosterone. I got the niche idea from, a site that was founded by Stuart Walker. Stuart has a large collection of niche ideas where he explores the search volume per month, the income expected as well as the search trends.

  1. MotionInvest

MotionInvest is a site flipping business founded by Spencer Haws. Webmasters will be selling their blogs there and you can always look through the sites, see what they are selling and copy the niche ideas.

  1. Human proof designs

Human Proof designs is also another place where they sell readymade sites with already ranking content. You can always browse through the readymade sites and steal the niche ideas. Since they are already ranking and have content, you might have to work harder than they so that you beat their acquisition of backlinks as well as content depth.

  1. Empire Flippers

Just like Motioninvest, empire flippers is another place where they sell sites. You can steal the niche ideas, create your own blog and beat that competition.

  1. Amazon

Amazon is another place where you can get a ton of niche ideas. Just go through the different categories, look through the products and come up with a niche that tries to sell those products.


What next after identifying a niche

Once you have a niche idea for your next blog, it is time to do your keyword research.

I would suggest using the following keyword research tools

  1. Ahrefs (my personal best)
  2. Ubersuggest
  3. Answerthepublic
  4. Keywordeverywhere

Once you have your list of keywords, you can then go ahead to create in depth content with a view of addressing the reader’s needs, making sure that the site is well optimized for SEO and that the content is converting.