Amazon OneLink Review [2020]

Overview of Amazon Onelink

When you are an affiliate with amazon, you will always be looking for ways to increase your earnings.

You could either do this by working on your search engine optimization(SEO) or your conversion rate optimization(CRO).

With SEO, you are looking to increase your traffic so that with more people reading your blog, more people are likely to buy via your affiliate links and so your revenue shoots up. With CRO, you are looking to improve the user experience on your site and convincing them to stop being casual readers but buyers. So here you just need the same traffic.

I consider localizing of links by Onelink as a CRO tactic. You will be using the same traffic but converting more of them to buyers.

What is Amazon Onelink

Amazon Onelink is a tool by that is to be used by their associates to localize links. Let me give an example of what it means to localize links.

Say that Alejandro in Spain comes across your blog post review of the best ironing boxes.

So they find your Ramtons iron box to be the best and proceed to click on your call to action button telling them to check price on amazon. However, they are taken to but they would want to buy the same product from Amazon spain store,

That will be lost commission. But how about that you had a tool that would tell their ip address so that you direct them to store and still get a commission there?

Well that is exactly what Amazon Onelink does. It checks the ip address of the buyer, takes them to a store near them and matches them to the product they were looking for in that store.

Of course you have to sign up as an associate with all the stores where you want to direct your customers. To do this, you need to first check where your readers are coming from. You can use Google Analytics or a Serp tool like Ahrefs to tell where the bulk of your readers are coming from.

Then once you have this out of the way, you can sign up to the various amazon affiliate programs. The sign up is similar in all stores.

However, they might use the local languages on the opened programs so use Google chrome translate tool to have an easy time signing up.

How to use Amazon Onelink

Once you have signed up, you can go ahead and use the Amazon Onelink tool. From your US affiliate program, click on tools then Onelink. You will be asked to link your accounts. Select those which you signed up for and enter the affiliate store codes.

amazon onelink

Go ahead and use the supplied java script code to enter it into your theme editor in the header.php

Here is a video detailing the process of using Onelink


My experience using Amazon Onelink

I used Amazon Onelink for my primary site and left it to run for a week.

I have to say that it was pretty easy to install and within 2 days, I was already seeing clicks in my Canada, UK and Australia affiliate dashboards.

However, I was not at all pleased.

For one, it had product mismatches that would of course have the customers not buying.

At the same time, I found it to affect my Amazon US conversion rates. Normally, I would record a conversion rate of between 8% to 15% but here I was with a measly 3%. Since I had done nothing else to the site, I deduced that it was the Onelink that was lowering my conversion rates.

So I ended up removing it and using genius link instead. Though it is a paid tool, I have never regretted using it.

Advantages of localizing with Amazon Onelink

  • Free tool– you do not have to cough a dime to use Onelink since it is a free tool provided by Amazon themselves.
  • Easy set up– setting up Onelink as I have shown is a pretty easy thing. On the other hand, using other localizing tools like genius might prove to be more complicated.

Disadvantages of Amazon Onelink

  • Product mismatches–Onelink is highly likely to mismatch your products such that when a customer wants to go get a Ramtons iron box on, they might easily be redirectly to same store but for Phillips iron box.
  • Lowered conversion rates for my Amazon US stores.

Bottomline on my Amazon Onelink Review

After using Amazon Onelink, I would not recommend it at all. Though it is free and easy to set up, your objective when you are localizing links is to get more revenue. But look here, the tool does not do that; in my case it didn’t.

Instead of using Onelink, I would recommend that you better learn how to use genius link. Though it is a paid tool, I have found it to localize links well with minimal product mismatches, and it also tells me when products are out of stock.

With Genius link, I was able to increase my earnings by at least $50 per month and this has contributed immensely in my amazon affiliate success journey.