How to make the most Bucks from ad networks

We have already looked into how to sign up to ad networks such as Google adsense, mediavine and ezoic. Today, we will focus on how to make the best out of the ad network that you have signed up for so as to make lots of money from the ads displayed on your site.

Try to get traffic from first tier countries

I am Kenyan and I would be very comfortable in creating content that targets a Kenyan audience. Yes, I can easily start blogging about how to sign up to an ecitizen account, file nil returns on Kra etc.

However when trying to get ad income, I would not count on Kenya to get a good income. Not unless I have loads of content and lots of traffic.


Because the RPMs for Kenyan audience is so low compared to what you would get were you to get US or UK audience.

Blog on niches that have good CPC

Statistically, there are niches that have better RPM that others.

For example niches such as insurance, online education and personal finance have been found to have better RPMs because advertisers in such fields are willing to pay top buck to have their brands shared out there.

Leverage on social media traffic such as Facebook, Reddit and Pinterest

When you are starting out, I would advise that you mostly target social media traffic such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Pinterest. Pinterest is a darling to many bloggers who want to earn ad income. It however demands that you master the Pinterest algorithm as well as be very visually creative so as to get many people clicking on your pins to see your site content.

For social media traffic, you will have to proactively post on those sites everyday so as to see a good stream of traffic and hence income. If you are not consistent, you will find your traffic dwindling over time.

And when the traffic dwindles, the income also nosedives.

Use click bait titles plus content that engages so as to keep the reader on the page

On the Internet, people have a limited concentration span. You have to grab their attention in seconds. How better to do this than to use clickbait titles that get them to click on your pages to read.

And when they get to your content, do not drive them away with lousy professor-like content. No, engage them with graphics, lists, infographics and videos that will increase their dwell time on your site pages.

Use Google search traffic for informative keywords

Though it takes time to get this kind of traffic, you are assured of passive traffic for a long time coming. You would however have to master some SEO as well as create great content that shows that you are indeed an authority in the niche that you are tackling.

In blogging, you will find that most people are not interested in chasing informative keywords. Most traffic though comes from this.

People want to be informed. You will therefore be in good hands if you target keywords that have information value.

If you have the traffic, sign up to good ad networks that pay well

If you have a traffic of over 50000 sessions per month, sign up to mediavine. It would not make any sense to work with Google Adsense.


Because mediavine have been found to have better RPMs and you want the top dollar for your work, don’t you?

Use ad formats that get the most impressions and clicks

Through testing, you are going to find that some ad formats get more impressions and clicks as compared to others.

You will of course be interested to have those formats that perform best, right?

Semrush found the 728X90 to be the best ad format

Get into testing and look into this.