How to Deal with Rejection in blogging

In this blogging career, you have to accept and deal with rejections.

Lots of them.

Some affiliate marketing programs will reject your application. Some will do it with a good reason. Others will just ignore you. And there is nothing that you can do about it.

Some ad networks will reject your sites too. It could be that they do not show ads on your niche, you have not reached the traffic threshold or just that they are not accepting applications at that time of the year. Others will tell you that they want to approve you only if, 60% of your traffic is from first tier countries such as the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

How you deal with all these rejections determines how successful you will be.

My rejections and what I have learnt from them

I was rejected by Mediavine.

That was back last year when they were accepting sites with at least 25000 sessions per month.

I had hit the threshold since I was at 28000 sessions and I thought why not apply to Mediavine so as to supplement my amazon affiliate income.

They asked me for access to my Google analytics reports and I did grant them this.

And then the rejection email came.

Most of their ad partners were not interested in my niche.

I swallowed the bitter pill and looked elsewhere.

Lesson: To get accepted in Mediavine, first hit their traffic targets. Currently they are accepting sites with at least 50000 sessions per month.

You also need to blog in niches that their ad partners are interested in (I surely do not know what those niches are).

I was rejected by Monumetric. I applied to their program sometimes in July this year. Their reply was that they were having so many applicants and that their ad partners had become too selective in sites that they want to work with.

I looked through the email and decided to try something else.

Lesson: Be patient and cast your net elsewhere. There are so many fish in the ocean

I was rejected by the Shareasale affiliate marketing network.

But they later accepted me in.

When the amazon associates program cut down rates to their affiliate marketers, I looked for other places where I could be sending my visitors.

Luckily, Shareasale had a merchant whose products were similar to what I was promoting.

I applied to Shareasale through my Gmail account but they rejected. Later on, I was told that you need to apply through your domain email.

I did that but was still rejected.

The thing is that they have an auto rejection filter especially if you state that you are not from the US or UK.

Lesson: Contact the merchant you want to promote and ask them to speak with the guys at Shareasale to approve you.

I was ignored by Ezoic.

I pressed on and looked for them through all their social media handles namely: Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

They finally allowed me in although I later left the network since it was slowing down my site.

Lesson: Follow them through all email and social media channels till they yield and give you that approval

I was not given a nod of approval by Google Adsense at first.

I read through blogs that tell you how to apply to Google adsense and found out where I was going wrong.


Have privacy policy, contact us and about us pages before applying to Google adsense.

They want you to look professional and real before they give you that nod

I was not accepted by amazon affiliate program.

Yes, 2 Times before they gave me a nod of approval


Play by the rules and create a site that they are going to love

Apply again and wait.