How to create content using Jarvis

Jarvis is an AI content generation tool that helps you write your content while you watch. Not that it will do the entire write up process on its own. No you will have to guide it on what you want using a few prompts here and there.

I have used it and it is amazing.

Lets be honest. The hard work in blogging is content creation.

Because to rank for a simple keyword, you will have to write about the keyword itself, go ahead to write content that relates to the main keyword and interlink, do content for your guest posts, teaser content for facbook posts, pinterest and all other social networks where you will be sharing the content.

It can be hectic. And costly.

But Jarvis is here to make things easy for you. And interesting too.

Before I heard of Jarvis, a 3000 word content would take me the whole day.

With Jarvis, it is a matter of 2 hours maximum to put up such content.

So, I can output at least 5000 words of content in one day.

Why you need to join Jarvis

–Free trial period

If you use this link, you will get a free 10,000 words content written for you. If you are not content with the write-up that you get, you can always cancel the subscription.

-Bonus word count when you refer other people into the program

— Join the job board and earn when you help clients write using Jarvis

–Lots of content per day.

–Different templates to use.