How to Set Up Google Adsense for WordPress bloggers

One of the oldest models of making money through blogging is via Google adsense.

Now most of the wordpress users that I know of want to earn from adsense.

Because, lets face it; your biggest reason for starting a blog is to earn through it.

The question is not only on WordPress Design: Comparing Divi vs. Thrive, but how do you connect your site to adsense and start seeing dollars rolling into your account.

Well, I look at that in this post.

Connecting Google Adsense to Your WordPress Site

connect google adsense to wordpress site

Google adsense is nothing but an ad network that places ads from advertisers on your blog for money.

Google will be paid by the advertisers and share the revenue with you the blogger.

Google Adsense Requirements for Bloggers

So how are you able to get accepted by Adsense so as to start earning.

Well it is pretty simple.

As long as you are getting good traffic, are compliant to their Adsense rules then you are good to go.

Though it is not stated anywhere, I think you need a minimum of 100 views per day on your blog before you can make some good earnings from adsense. The good thing is that you can add as many sites to your adsense account and the cumulative earnings from the sites could see you reaching the minimum payout threshold.

You will also need to have a privacy policy page where you tell your readers that you are using Adsense and that when they click or view your ads, you earn something. You can generate your privacy policy for adsense approval here.

I have also read from a number of reputable blogs that you need to have a contact us and about us page so that your readers can trust the site.

The language on your blog should be friendly. Do not post violence or x -rated (adult) content.

Step by step process to getting into Google Adsense as a Blogger

getting started on google adsense
  • Make sure you are only logged into one google account.
  • They will then want you to provide your email address, your website domain and ask you whether you want customized help from the ad network.
sign up for Google adsense by bloggers
  • Go ahead and provide your personal details including your mailing address(The mailing address has to be correct since a 6 digit PIN will be sent so that you can verify payment location)
  • Once you are done signing up you are given a javascript that are you to add to to your site in the <head> section.
google adsense email with javascript

To add the code to your site, login to the wordpress dashboard and proceed to click on Appearance-Theme Editor

adding javascript to wordpress

In the theme editor view, go to header.php  and paste the javascript just below the <head> code line

Go ahead and update the header.php file and you are ready to go.

  • Add an ads.txt manager plugin to give access only to Adsense to add ads on your site. Failure to this could lead to you receiving ads from other malicious people
  • Use your preferred ad layouts. On my part, I use auto ads which I know to be a lazy thing. Maybe I need to optimize my ad placements for better earnings
  • Get at least 10 euros to have location PIN sent
  • Verify the 6 digit PIN.
  • Reach payout which is 70 euros
  • Choose a payment platform of your choice which could be: Western Union, Check or Wire Transfer. In my case use western Union
  • Earn and enjoy

Google Adsense Alternatives

Other than adsense there are other popular alternatives for big bloggers who have a higher traffic.

They include ezoic which you join when you have at least 10000 sessions per month. You can find more at my review here. While you are able to earn more from ezoic, you will find that it lowers your site speed.

There is also mediavine which you can only join when you have at least 50000 sessions per month.

You can also join adthrive if you are receiving more than 100k visitors per month.

how to set up google ads for beginners