How to Cash in on the Christmas Spending Spree

The year is coming to an end.

Heck, time does really fly, doesn’t it?

January was here the other day.

But hey look– December is here, fast approaching.

It is high time that you need to review the things that you have done for your online business throughout the year. Also look into how much you spent vizaviz what you earned from it.

Let’s be honest.

Things have been tough for all of us. Me included.

2020 was really tough for all sectors and industries. Shops were closed. Commissions were slashed. Salaries were halved. Businesses came to a halt and people were fired. In masses.

We should be grateful that we can still hold our necks high and that we did not drown in the murky waters that 2020 came with.

How to Increase Your Affiliate Marketing Profits this Christmas

Now as we fast approach December, it is time to think of ways to make good use of the December shopping craze. Yes it might be different since people have less purchasing power and they might just decide to hold off the Christmas spending spree since they are not sure of how next year will pan out.

But trust you me, people will still end up buying things for their loved ones.

So as an affiliate marketer, how are you priming yourself to earn more commissions from this shopping craze?

Try pins that are targeting Black Friday and Christmas spending

Pinterest is one awesome tool that you could use to target lots of people who are looking for ideas on how to spend money buying gifts for their loved ones this Black Friday as well as on Christmas.

If you go to Pinterest, you will find lots of marketers who are already cashing on this end of year spending craze.

Join the bandwagon and create visually appealing pins that when clicked will direct your customers to your sales pages so that they can buy products off your affiliate links.

You could also create a roundup post of ‘best Christmas gifts’ on your blog and then create a pin that directs your readers to this page.

You will find that a certain percentage of the people clicking on your links will end up buying the products that you recommend and so you will earn a commission.

Try black Friday deals and post on social media

Amazon Black Friday is on the 27th November, 2020 and you could seriously cash on this.

Expecting to leverage on search engine traffic might be too late unless you have a high DA website that is going to rank easily for the keyword ‘Amazon black Friday 2020 deals’ but you could still make a kill by using social media.

Think of great pins as well as Facebook ads that target an audience in your niche.

Add a banner on black Friday/Christmas deals on your sidebar

For the past two years, I have always added a ‘Amazon black Friday deals’ banner on the right side bar of my blog and I always find people clicking on this and even ending up buying products from Amazon through this banner.

And once the black Friday is over, I change it to ‘Amazon Christmas deals’ which also have great success.

Maybe you too could try these strategies out and see what happens.