Comparing Ezoic vs Mediavine Ad Programs

How does Ezoic Compare to Mediavine Ad programs

ezoic vs mediavine

If you are a constant reader of this bloh, you by now know that I use ezoic ads in a bid to diversify my income. I also use google adsense auto ads and I have already the compared the two here.

Another big ad industry player that you have probably heard about is mediavine. Honestly speaking, I have applied twice to the program unsuccessfully. So what is my take on how the two compare ie ezoic vs mediavine.

  1. Application and going into the programs
  2. Setting up the ads
  3. Contract and earnings
  4. Effect on site Speed
  5. Customer support


1.Application and going into ezoic and mediavine


I should mention that both are relatively hard to get into. Mediavine has rejected me without giving a very good explanation.

I should say that they require that you have 25k sessions per month while with ezoic, you only need 10k sessions. Once you have hit this traffic target, it is time you tried them out.

They will require that you give them your read access of Google Analytics. This is to enable them verify   that your traffic is genuine and mostly from tier one countries (read developed nations)

Someone will review your application and get back to you with either an approval or a rejection.

In my case, it was a sad rejection. Twice.

But I am not going to give up. I was told in some forums that the rejection could be because of my niche since they choose niches to work with that they are sure are going to get advertising bidders as well as get good earnings.


Ezoic accepted me. But it was also not immediate. I remember that I emailed, tweeted, and inboxed them on Facebook before someone finally got back to me.

They rarely reject you unless you have been banned on Google adsense.

  1. Setting up ads

From what I have heard from publishers who use mediavine, setting up ads is not something that you do in a minute. They will make recommendations to say, for example increase the number of images on your site, increasing your font sizes, increasing content length etc.

Setting up on ezoic is also a long process where you use the ad tester tool to find optimal ad sizes that maximize ad impressions while not compromising your user experience.

  1. Contract and earnings

For mediavine, you sign a legally binding contract. For ezoic on the other hand, you can disable showings ads at will.

While my earnings using ezoic were good at the beginning, they are not something so good to write home about at the moment. From my friends who use mediavine, their RPMs are good despite the corona virus that has affected how advertisers are using the internet to bid for ad spaces.

  1. Site speed

While ezoic slows your site speed, I have not heard any complaints from the webmasters using mediavine.

The ezoic site speed accelerator seems not to work that good from my experience.

  1. Customer support

Once you are in, both have great customer support. They will be able to answer any questions that you might have as well as troubleshoot any problem that you might be having on your web property.

One thing that ezoic beats mediavine in is that they have an affiliate program so that you can earn some fees when other publishers sign up through your affiliate links.