Ezoic Speed Accelerator Review

One of the things that I have mentioned about ezoic is that it will surely slow down your site. And it truly did slow my site so much that I was deeply troubled.

zoic speed accelerator review

You see I am an amazon affiliate marketer and my worry was that if people were on my niche review site and it took so long to load content that they were looking for, they were highly likely to get bored and move on to another site. This would create high bounce rates.  And it would affect my conversions as well as my earnings.

So when I found out that ezoic was slowing down my site but giving me some ad revenue, I was at cross-roads.

What was I to do: remove the ezoic ads and continue earning my good affiliate income or was I to continue slowing the site but diversifying my earnings.

Well while I was still on the crossroads,it is then that I heard about the ezoic speed accelerator. So what the guys at ezoic say is that the speed accelerator is going to improve your site speed by introducing lazy load of images, minify css and delay your js script execution. Well, after working with it, I found that it will improve the speed if gmetrix is anything to go by.

How To Use Ezoic Speed Accelerator


ezoic speed accelerator review

How you do it is that you go to it, create a version and then choose from recommended, custom, experiential through the slider.

speed accelerator different levels

Though the speed accelerator improves your site for a few days, you will find that in the long run, your speeds are still low. So you will have to go back to the speed accelerator and speed things again.

What is more ridiculous is that ezoic are charging a monthly subscription fee for this accelerator thing that seems not to do things really well and has to be restarted again and again.

For bloggers who are using ezoic to post ads on their site, I strongly feel that ezoic is not doing us any good.

See; they lower our site speeds with their ads and then go ahead to ask us to pay them to improve their speeds.

What is even more ridiculous about the program is how they are asking you to pay for their premium ads.