Earning Online From Home During The Corona Virus Pandemic: 5 Ways to Secure an Income Despite the Covid-19 Pandemic

We are in hard times.

Times that probably none of us have ever witnessed when we are forced to work from home.

Times when the entire globe is fighting an invisible enemy and we do not have a known arsenal on how to beat him.

Times when most people have lost their jobs while others have been forced to take pay cuts. Times when businesses and schools have had to close indefinitely.

Times when most countries are in a lockdown.

At the moment, I think everyone whether you are in a developed or developing nation, you are feeling the pinch.


I too have been affected. I had to  close down the ICT class that I train in the second week of March and send students home till we are done fighting this invisible enemy.

I have been home figuring how things are going to run. Though I am still receiving my monthly salary, I do not know for how long my boss can continue paying me while I continue remaining at home.


It is uncertainty on top of more uncertainty.


I have been spending most of my time working on my potato farm and I look forward to leasing yet another piece of land since we really need food during this corona period. In my country Kenya, we are yet to have a full lock-down but a cessation of movement in the major towns is all the government has done as of now. Since the full lock-down might eventually come, and it seems inevitable that it will, I want it that we have enough food to last us.


Anyway, let me cut you the slack and go to the juice of the post.


Every government agency is telling us that we should be working from home. And most of us know very well that you can work from home as a freelancer or better still as an affiliate marketer.

I have tried both. And currently, I am still working as an affiliate marketer and I am not looking back. Not any time soon.

Anyway, so what is required of you if you are to work at home online during this corona period?

1. Freelance Work on Upwork


If you are a writer, programmer or graphic designer, you can earn through freelancing.

Just sign up with  reputable freelancing sites that are seeking your skillsets.

Let me give you a little story on my freelance writing journey

Back in 2015, 2016 and 2017 when I was an active freelance writer, there was this site iwriter.com where I would wake up every morning, take articles from the writing pool and work on them. Clients would then either accept and reject the articles.

Of course, most of the clients were dishonest and would reject an article, therefore not pay for it, but go ahead to use it on their sites.

Later on, I realized that iwriter.com was, for lack of a better word, a content mill that was all out there to please requesters while slaving the writers.

I left it.

The best freelancing site at the moment is upwork.com where you highlight your skills, go ahead to apply for jobs, submit proposals to potential clients and when they hire you, you go ahead to submit high quality work that will wow them.

To survive as a freelance writer, you need to always deliver pure gold in terms of quality and also make sure that clients are paying you for what you are worth for.

Upwork is a decent freelancing site that allow you to strike a deal with the client, negotiate your pay per hour and act as an escrow to ensure that you get paid.

2. Site and App Testing Jobs

We are in the eCommerce age where every stall, company and business has found the need to sell online.

Some of the eCommerce websites are however not well designed or user interactive.

Businesses therefore want random people to test whether their websites are user friendly and you give an honest opinion on how apt the interface was.

3. Take Online Surveys

There are sites that give you rewards once you complete an online survey.

All that you need to do is give honest feedback to matching surveys and you will earn some rewards either monetary or shopping for your responses. They include:


Survey Junkie

Vindale Research



4. Affiliate marketing


This is what I currently do and at the moment, two of my sites are fully on autopilot. I do not have to do anything but I still get about $30 for one site as Amazon commission. I love the model because I am able to focus on other things in life such as family as well as having fun.

As an update, the Amazon associates program have reduced their associates commissions as from 14th April and everyone who was using the model is running Helter-skelter looking for alternatives that are going to pay them decent commissions.

That notwithstanding, the affiliate marketing venture is a good one for anyone who is looking to earn a good passive online income. You can see my amazon affiliate success story here.


To do affiliate marketing, you need to do the following:

  1. Identify a niche in which you want to blog about.
  2. Set out your blog by buying a brandable domain name and get good hosting
  3. Create content for the site
  4. Do off page SEO.
  5. Sign up as an affiliate with an affiliate program. I would recommend Amazon for starters. (They have however reduced their commissions as of 14th April).
  6. When you start earning, identify areas in which to improve your blog either onpage, off page or CRO.


5. Earn Through Ads on Your Blog


If you are a blogger, you have probably heard about earning through adsense, ezoic, mediavine or adthrive,

All these are ad networks that allow you to place merchant adverts on your site and earn from them depending on the number of people that see the ads per day.

I personally use Google adsense as well as ezoic and they have been giving me some decent income that is able to pay up my house rent and food.

I highly recommend ezoic which has higher RPMs. You can check up the requirements for joining ezoic on this article.

make money from home during corona


You can check out more legit ways to earn online on this post.