5 Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

If you are an amazon affiliate, you will want to read this post on the best WordPress plugins that will increase your conversions and hence revenue.

Because, lets face it, we are all in this game for the money.

So you will want to use any tool that is going to ensure that you get the best value for your efforts without necessarily working on your traffic.

Amalinks pro

Amalinks pro is a premium wordpress  tool that helps with comparison charts and tables for your products. You are able to also use it to get images from Amazon without violating their TOS.

With it you are able to create really nice tables and product showcases that you are sure will get a click from your readers. And that is all that you want when you are an amazon affiliate marketer—people clicking on your affiliate links and leaving amazon to convince them to buy some products so that you can get a commission.


Just like Amalinks pro, AAWP is another great plugin that helps you with increasing your conversions as an amazon affiliate marketer.


Geniuslink chiefly helps with localizing your affiliate links. Say that a reader in Australia clicks on your affiliate links. If they are taken to amazon.com, they are not going to buy there and that will be a wasted conversion. But what if you were able to direct them to amazon.com.au They are most likely to buy from there, right?

Well, that is the work of genius link. Personally I have been using it for over an year and though it is a premium tool which you have to pay for monthly, I love the ROI.


Tablepress is a free comparison tool that I have been using for a long time. You are able to compare product features, show their images as well as insert call to action buttons inside the table cells.


Contentegg is good plugin to showcase products on amazon. It is able to update product features, prices and images in real time.