How to make money online as a student in Kenya

Kenyan student making money online

When I joined the University of Nairobi for a degree course in Statistics, I remember clearly eavesdropping some third year students talking about earning money online. It seemed like a dream. What money could come from the Internet, I wondered.

I remember I went to the computer lab and started searching for ‘make money online’ on Facebook. I found an ad by a guy who was looking for academic writers. I contacted him and he gave me a test article titled ‘social deviance’. I did the article but he was not pleased.

I was still new to writing and my sentences were not that good. I believe I must have used the first word pronoun in my article. I did not do any intext citations or the APA bibliography that was required since I did not know what those were.

The guy went silent on me and I believed that earning online was indeed a scam.

It was only in third year when I realized the true meaning of making money online as a student in Kenya. I was introduced to article writing by a roommate.

When school closed for the third year long holidays,instead of searching for an internship like my colleagues,I went on looking for places where I could use this newfound skill of article writing. Fortunately, I found someone who had an account with odesk who hired me.

Though the pay was little, it was worthwhile. It was while working with this guy that I found out about iwriter, a content mill. I went on to register an account with the website and started making at least $20 per week. 

At that time, this was a lot of money and I remember a few friends looking up to me as moneyed. I even went on to do a Powerpoint presentation on ‘how to make money online from iwriter’ to a YCS audience at the St. Paul’s University Chapel.

Things were looking up.

Unfortunately, iwriter is no longer available but there are so many other platforms where students can make money online in Kenya.

1.Freelance work–article writing, translation, data analysis, web design, virtual assistant

You could sign up to popular platforms such as Upwork, Writersdomain and Zerys and then go on to bid for freelance jobs such as content writing, data analysis, translating text, transcribing, designing websites or even work as a virtual assistant.

2. Blogging and earning through Google adsense, Youtube, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts

You can earn through blogging about different topics that are attracting traffic. Once you have good traffic, you can monetize your site through ads such as Google Adsense, Mediavine or Ezoic.

You could also do affiliate marketing either through local affiliate programs or International programs such as Amazon, Shareasale, Payoneer or CJ Affiliate.

3. SEO work for bloggers and businesses-keyword research, backlinks, SEO audits

Once you have mastered the skill of search engine optimization, you could apply for virtual jobs where you help bloggers and online businesses in doing keyword research, building backlinks as well as doing SEO audits for their websites.

4. Flipping websites

Flipping websites is nothing but selling sites. This hustle therefore means that you will first of all need to own a site before you can even think of flipping it. The site also needs to be earning some good money in order to fetch a good multiple on flipping platforms such as Flippa, EmpireFlippers or MotionInvest. The site could be a SAAS or an affiliate blog.

5.Social media management

I have seen some guys work as social media managers for corporates and brands. For this, you need to be good in creating witty, engaging and shareable content that helps the brand grow in terms of visibility, engagement and conversions.

6. Academic writing

You could earn as a student through helping students complete their assignments, term papers and dissertations. For this, you will need to first own an account that gives you daily work offers to complete. Sites that allow you to open accounts include Uvocorp, Bluecorp, Essaywriters and Unemployed Professors. You could also start your own website where you offer the needed services to students. For this though, you will need to do lots of work in promoting it.

7. Selling ebooks and courses

You could create ebooks and courses on topics that you are highly knowledgeable about and know for sure that people are interested in learning them.

Amazon Proofreading Jobs: What You Need to Be Hired and Where to Get the Jobs

If you have ever read an amazon product description, got moved so much to buy that you went ahead to steal your mother’s credit card to complete the transaction(because you didn’t have cash on you), then you will agree with me that the description was the work of a master copywriter.

It was then fine tuned by an equally impeccable amazon proofreader who tied all the loose ends so that you felt confident about the product.

Or maybe you have ever seen two almost similar products on amazon stores but when you went to read their descriptions, one turned you off not because of anything but because of the unenthusiastic copy used to describe it. The other one maybe completely blew you off and you immediately decided to buy it.

Well, that is another case of amazon proofreading job gone well.


As you might have guessed, in this post, I talk about amazon proofreading, jobs available for impeccable proofreaders, skills needed to scoop such gigs as well as the places where you can be hired for such jobs.


But who is a proofreader?

Now the work of a proofreader, whether you are proofreading for amazon, eBooks, technical content on a site or editing emails, is pretty simple but at the same time important because you are in charge of making sure that copy that passes through you is great, legible and succinct. Precise and consistent.

Copy needs to address the needs of of the reader as well as push them to taking action. Proofreading involves reading keenly through copy to make sure that it is well written.

In case of grammar, concord, spelling, context and consistency errors you are supposed to point them out, suggest how to rectify them or edit them altogether.

Amazon product merchants want to sell. They will therefore write copy that convinces customers to buy. Other than promoting products, their copy could as well give customers a guide on how to use a product. As an amazon proofreader, you need to ensure that the objective of the merchant is well captured. They will hire you to do this.


What you need to have in order to be a good amazon proofreader

  1. Impeccable Native English grammar skills
  2. Internet connectivity and a computer
  3. Keenness to details and ability to work long hours while meticulously dissecting every sentence to see that it reads really well


Where to get Amazon proofreading jobs

  1. Upwork
  2. Iwriter
  3. Freelancer
  4. Fiverr
  5. Facebook groups and linkedin
  6. Your own blog where you will ask people hire you proofread their copy
  7. Peopleperhour and Legiit

Earnings of an amazon proofreader

There is no standard or set earning card for an amazon proofreader. No, you set your own rates according to your skills and proficiency.

To get such jobs as a beginner, you might however start on a low rate, provide pure gold to your clients and then gradually increase your rates per hour as you gain more skills and have good ratings from people whom you have done work for.

What I love about proofreading is that if you do it well, you are going to create a name for yourself. Clients are going to refer you to their friends who might need some proofreading work done for them. Other than that, it is a sure legit way to earn online without paying a dime.

Legit ways to make money online without investment

legit ways to earn online without investment

Are you looking to earn 10 dollars per day without investment online?


I know that piques your interest but let me put this out straight.

That though it is possible to earn online without making any monetary investment, you will have to put in the works, invest your time and will require skills that people are looking to hire.

You will have to be say, an app programmer whom people are looking out for to design and code their mobile app, or you could be an impeccable content writer whom people are looking to hire do some blog write-ups for them.

But there is no free money that you are going to earn online.

There is no magic wand that you use to hit on them browsers to make cash.


There is also no PayPal money generator which you click on for a  quick payout. One way or the other, you will have to put in the work.

My task in this blog is to show you legit ways to make money online with or without monetary investment. I say legit because there are scammers online who would like to use your skills, time and effort without paying you a dime. While I might show you legit sites to make money online, even in those legit sites, there are still some dishonest people who would want to use you wrongly. So use your due diligence.


Legit Active Ventures Where You Earn without Monetary Investment

Let us first look at legit ways to make money online without investment but by putting in the works.

The ventures I talk about here involve you actively working to earn.

as a student earn 10 dollars daily without investment online


Freelance writing

My very first dollar that I earned online was from freelance writing. I was still a student at the University of Nairobi when I discovered that I could put my writing skills to good use. By then iwriter was a great site where you could easily join and start taking articles to write.

To make money as a freelance writer, all which is required of you is having the right skills, be someone who can follow instructions and are punctual. If you are this person, then you can try out Upwork which is a reputable freelancing site.

Once you have signed up and are accepted into the platform, you will need to go to the available jobs and pitch in your proposal. If the clients love your proposal, they will hire you. Go ahead and provide well written, quality articles so that you can be paid and even rehired.

Lets say that I want to filter writing tasks available on the platform that I can apply to.

I am going to login and show you how to do it.

private upwork profile

Since I am yet to apply for any job since I created my upwork account, my profile shows that it is private and will only become public once I start actively.

Since I am a blogger, I will be looking for writing tasks related to blogging. So I go ahead and typing the word ‘blogging’ into the find jobs tab

And when I search for this, I see some writing task that piques my interest.

The client is looking for new writers for a task where they will pay $6.

Now that I am a starter, let me submit a proposal for this.

For the proposal, I need to point out a disclaimer that I am no expert when it comes to submit cover-letters. Maybe there is someone out there who feels that my proposal is not very apt. You can always advise on how to better it.

Anyway, this is what I do:

You will note that I still go for the $6 payment proposed by the client. I just want a job that will kick-start my freelance career and as such, I do not mind that much how small the client is offering as long as I get something that will get me some pay and a good review.

After submitting the proposal, I will wait for the client to read the proposal and either invite me to an interview or decline me.

Graphic design on Fiverr

I am a pathetic graphic designer. I cannot design my site logo leave alone designing a poster.

Well, graphic design is an innate talent and unless you were born with it, I do not think you can fake it.

For those who have the talent, they can go ahead and create a profile on Fiverr that states what they do and wait for clients to hire you.

Other than Fiverr, there is also Upwork and Toptal where clients are always looking for people with graphic design skills.

Lets use the ‘find jobs’ tab on upwork to look for gigs requiring graphic design skills.


Virtual assistance

On Upwork you will find clients who want you to help them with their daily tasks say for example; posting articles to their WordPress blogs, commenting on other blogs on their behalf, adding affiliate links to their already published articles etc. This is called virtual assistance and to be hired, you will of course be required to first master the skill in question before you can even pitch your proposal.

Again, we can use the search function on upwork to look for jobs available for virtual assistants.

 Facebook Groups Requiring Guest posts for clients on authority sites

If you are a contributor on authority sites such as the Huffingtonpost, Forbes, Thriveglobal, Entrepreneur, The Telegraph, Newyork Post or The Guardian then someone could be looking to hire you write a guest post for their site to be  posted on those sites.

What these clients are looking for is a backlink from those authority sites to their site. Sometimes back, I used to do this for my clients. All I needed to do was first pen high quality posts that were accepted into the sites so that the editors trusted me with an account, I would then go to Facebook groups where clients were looking for contributors like me and I would pitch my services.

Here is an example

facebook guest post advert

Translation tasks

On freelancing sites, you will find people who have text written in one language and they would like it to be translated into another. Of course if you want to be hired for such tasks, you will need to be conversant with the two languages in question.

If you can do it, go ahead and submit a proposal stating that you can complete the task and then wait to see if you will be hired.

Lets try to get the jobs on Upwork once again

translation jobs


Transcription involves turning audio into text. I am sure you have watched those movies which have subtitles at the bottom. Well, that work was done by a transcriber.

In transcription work, you will be given audio files which you are supposed to listen keenly to and write out what is said.

You can sign up for transcription gigs on Transcribeme and Gotranscript.

Let’s take the case of transcribeme.

You will be required to give your personal details, paypal email and the languages that you can transcribe.

In my case, I can only do English but I have to state what type of English be it: North American, Aussie, Irish and British.

After signing up and verifying my email, I am required to do an exam.

Online tutoring and Academic writing

After campus, I had a month stint at academic writing. Here students will want you to do their school assignments, research papers, projects and even exams. While the pay was good, I found it to be rather tiresome and left it. There are however some people who still do it and earn their daily bread from the hustle.

You can sign up for academic writing jobs at Uvocorp, Proficentwriters, Edusson and Essaywriters. The sites though hire seasonally and only want high quality writers so you might be required to do an online test to gauge your capabilities.

Proofreading Jobs

Proofreading is the act of reading copy to make sure that it addresses the needs required as well as see that it is precise and succint. To get such a job, you will require that you have great Grammar skills, are keen to details and can work long hours looking and re-looking at copy to make sure that it reads well. Once you identify mistakes you are either supposed to rectify them (in case they are just minor grammar, spelling and sentence structure errors) or point them to the client if they are major and involve irrelevancy and inconsistency so that they can edit them.

We have looked at amazon proofreading jobs, what they entail and what you need in order to be hired as one.

Legit Ways to Make Passive Online Income

Now this is my favorite category of make money online. Here, you need not work actively everyday. No, once you have set out the systems right, money will be trickling in even when you are sleeping.

Selling an ebook

While writing an ebook will  not earn you a dime in the short term, it will surely earn you passive income in the long term. But the ebook has to be of high quality, solving a certain need and sold to a targeted audience who are looking for solutions in the ebook.

Personally, I have penned two ebooks. However, I was using them as lead magnets to my email subscribers and so they were free. Currently, I am planning to write one which I will sell to my audience in one of my niche website.

Affiliate marketing

My favorite make money online model is affiliate marketing. This is because once you have put in the work and time designing a site, a YouTube channel or a social media handle with good targeted traffic, you can sit down and wait for passive income to roll in.

For affiliate marketing, all you need to do is find a good affiliate marketing program like the ones that we discuss in this post, create a web property say a blog and then go ahead to create content that is going to drive targeted traffic.

In this post, I discuss the steps that I follow in creating a blog that will be monetize with Amazon affiliate marketing.

Anyway, since I am interested in showing you how to earn at least 10 dollars in a day online, I will show you my earning for yesterday from one of my site using the Amazon associates program. So here we go:

My affiliate links got 148 clicks and 25 of those translated to orders. 21 items were shipped and I earned $16.90. Not soo bad, right?

Earning from ads on your blog

This is another online passive income model that I love. What is required of you is to create a web property with good traffic and then you can approach ad network programs with the proposal to post their ads on your blog.

Currently, I am using Google Adsense and ezoic on two of my blogs and I am glad when I login to the accounts at the end of each day and see some passive income no matter how small it might be.

Let us look at my earnings for 2 days on ezoic.

Let us also examine my earnings from Google adsense again for the past two days. Here it is


Wrap Up on legit ways to Earn Money Online

We have explored the different ways that you can earn online without any investment. While you are likely to earn lots of money daily from active freelance work, you need to put in the works and spend time.

For activities such as affiliate marketing, earning from ads and selling eBooks, the only thing you will need is initial investment of say hosting a blog and buying a domain name as well as putting up the content. Once you are done and have good traffic, you will earn passive income.