How to make the most Bucks from ad networks

We have already looked into how to sign up to ad networks such as Google adsense, mediavine and ezoic. Today, we will focus on how to make the best out of the ad network that you have signed up for so as to make lots of money from the ads displayed on your site.

Try to get traffic from first tier countries

I am Kenyan and I would be very comfortable in creating content that targets a Kenyan audience. Yes, I can easily start blogging about how to sign up to an ecitizen account, file nil returns on Kra etc.

However when trying to get ad income, I would not count on Kenya to get a good income. Not unless I have loads of content and lots of traffic.


Because the RPMs for Kenyan audience is so low compared to what you would get were you to get US or UK audience.

Blog on niches that have good CPC

Statistically, there are niches that have better RPM that others.

For example niches such as insurance, online education and personal finance have been found to have better RPMs because advertisers in such fields are willing to pay top buck to have their brands shared out there.

Leverage on social media traffic such as Facebook, Reddit and Pinterest

When you are starting out, I would advise that you mostly target social media traffic such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Pinterest. Pinterest is a darling to many bloggers who want to earn ad income. It however demands that you master the Pinterest algorithm as well as be very visually creative so as to get many people clicking on your pins to see your site content.

For social media traffic, you will have to proactively post on those sites everyday so as to see a good stream of traffic and hence income. If you are not consistent, you will find your traffic dwindling over time.

And when the traffic dwindles, the income also nosedives.

Use click bait titles plus content that engages so as to keep the reader on the page

On the Internet, people have a limited concentration span. You have to grab their attention in seconds. How better to do this than to use clickbait titles that get them to click on your pages to read.

And when they get to your content, do not drive them away with lousy professor-like content. No, engage them with graphics, lists, infographics and videos that will increase their dwell time on your site pages.

Use Google search traffic for informative keywords

Though it takes time to get this kind of traffic, you are assured of passive traffic for a long time coming. You would however have to master some SEO as well as create great content that shows that you are indeed an authority in the niche that you are tackling.

In blogging, you will find that most people are not interested in chasing informative keywords. Most traffic though comes from this.

People want to be informed. You will therefore be in good hands if you target keywords that have information value.

If you have the traffic, sign up to good ad networks that pay well

If you have a traffic of over 50000 sessions per month, sign up to mediavine. It would not make any sense to work with Google Adsense.


Because mediavine have been found to have better RPMs and you want the top dollar for your work, don’t you?

Use ad formats that get the most impressions and clicks

Through testing, you are going to find that some ad formats get more impressions and clicks as compared to others.

You will of course be interested to have those formats that perform best, right?

Semrush found the 728X90 to be the best ad format

Get into testing and look into this.

How to receive your Google Adsense earnings

So you have been earning through Google ads and have reached the threshold for payouts.

Conditions before You get an Adsense Payment

  • Location PIN verification

Before getting your money, you might be one of those people who are yet to verify their location address through a PIN.

Well, Google Adsense sends you a six digit PIN that you enter into your account. And from there, you can start withdrawing your cash every 20th of the month.

  • You have reached the threshold

Here are the various currencies and thresholds you need to attain before you get a payout.

Euro- 70 euros


AUD- 100 AUDs

Yen-8000 Yens


Well, I will be telling you of the various ways you can receive your Google Adsense earnings

  1. Through Western Union

I have been using Western Union to receive my Google Adsense earnings. However as of August 10th, 2020, one cannot enter Western Union as their payment option.

At the same time, those who were already using the method will have to use an alternate way as of the beginning of 2021.

I do not know why Google arrived at this decision but publishers will just have to adapt. It is a good thing that they informed us early so that we can start thinking of other ways to receive our earnings before 2021.

  1. Through checks sent to your address

You remember the address that Google used to verify your location after you had made $10. Well, they will be using the same to send you your checks if you choose this option.

Since I am not in the USA and my location verification PIN took an awfully long time to reach my post office box, I will not be trying this.

I want money arriving fast in my pocket.

  1. Through bank wire transfer

This has to be the best and most appropriate method of receiving your Google Adsense earnings at the moment. I will surely be signing up for this option soon. All you need to do is enter your local bank account details and Google will wire the money there.

4. Through Rapida

People in Russia can get their payments through Rapida

5. Through Electronic Money Transfer (EFT)

If you are in the European countries or the US, you can get your payment through EFT.

Can you get payment before the $100 threshold?

Lets say that you were earning through Google Adsense in USD but had not yet reached the $100 minimum threshold. Suppose something happens that make it impossible to continue earning on your blog or on your Youtube channel.

Maybe your account got hacked or your blog traffic was hit by a Google update

Will you get paid for those dollars that you already earned?

Yes, you can get paid if you closse the Google adsense account that you were using.

Google Adsense will send your payment via the payment method that you had chosen.

5 Best Ad Network Programs For Bloggers

Have you ever done a google search on ‘how to potty train your toddler’ and stumbled upon a high quality article that details ‘how you can potty train your little one’  so well that you wondered what was in it for the blogger?

ad networks for bloggers

They were clearly not asking you to buy a potty or yet another online course. So why did they have to waste their time blogging that awesomely?

Well, if you looked clearly, there might have been ads strewn all over the blog post.

Let me break it down to you:

[su_note]You do not have to be recommending products in order to make money blogging. No, you can earn from ad network companies if you prove to be getting high quality and sufficient traffic.[/su_note]

Best Ad Networks for Small Publishers with Traffic of upto 100K Sessions (Per Month)


Ad network programs  will also demand that you use friendly language that does not border on violence or pornography. Some of the ad programs that we look in this blog post include:

-Google adsense





1. Google adsense

Adsense is an online advertisement network owned by Google.

It is the easiest network to join since it does not have a defined traffic requirement,  Needless to say, approval into adsense is a requirement before you are approved into all the other ad programs.

What you need to look into before applying to Google adsense

1.     Use friendly language that does not border on violence or immorality.

2.     Have a google account

3.     Add the adsense script into your wordpress site

4.     Add an ads.txt mangaer file so as to filter away malicious ads from your site

5.     Use English on your site

6.     Have the necessary legal pages ie. Privacy policy, contact us and about us.

7.     Provide a real mailing address for PIN verification.

Google adsense payson the 20th of every month for ads displayed the previous month. It pays via Western Union or Wire transfer.

Related: How to set up Google Adsense for wordpress bloggers.

2. Ezoic

Ezoic requires a minimum 10,000 pageviews per month before they can accept you into the program. They have been shown to accept everyone as long as you have the 10k pageviews and have been approved by adsense.

Other than the free plan, they also have a premium plan where you pay for increased income.

Most bloggers including me have complained about how ezoic lowers your site speed which would affect the overall user experience. To counter this, they introduced an ezoic speed accelerator subscription.

Ezoic pays monthly via paypal and payoneer.

Related: My Ezoic ads Review

3. Mediavine

Mediavine is considered by many bloggers, including yours truly, as the holy grail of ad programs. You are considered to be a cool kid if mediavine has accepted you into their program since you are assured of better RPMs as compared to those of us still using ezoic and adsense.

Currently, mediavine requires that your site is getting at least 50,000 sessions per month before they accept you. You will also need to have adsense approval.

However, it is never that easy to get into mediavine even after achieving these two conditions. They have at other things that they look into before they approve you.

4. Monumetric

I have never given much thought to monumetric since they charge a $99 fee for bloggers who have between 10k to 80k sessions before they are accepted.

5. Adthrive

To get accepted into adthrive, you need to have at least 100k sessions.

I hear that they have equally good RPMs which is good considering that for a blogger to get 100k sessions, they must have put in a ton of work into their sites.

UPLOADING 1 / 1 – best ad networks for small bloggers like me.png ATTACHMENT DETAILS best ad networks for small bloggers like me

Earning Online From Home During The Corona Virus Pandemic: 5 Ways to Secure an Income Despite the Covid-19 Pandemic

online jobs during corona lockdown

We are in hard times.

Times that probably none of us have ever witnessed when we are forced to work from home.

Times when the entire globe is fighting an invisible enemy and we do not have a known arsenal on how to beat him.

Times when most people have lost their jobs while others have been forced to take pay cuts. Times when businesses and schools have had to close indefinitely.

Times when most countries are in a lockdown.

At the moment, I think everyone whether you are in a developed or developing nation, you are feeling the pinch.


I too have been affected. I had to  close down the ICT class that I train in the second week of March and send students home till we are done fighting this invisible enemy.

I have been home figuring how things are going to run. Though I am still receiving my monthly salary, I do not know for how long my boss can continue paying me while I continue remaining at home.


It is uncertainty on top of more uncertainty.


I have been spending most of my time working on my potato farm and I look forward to leasing yet another piece of land since we really need food during this corona period. In my country Kenya, we are yet to have a full lock-down but a cessation of movement in the major towns is all the government has done as of now. Since the full lock-down might eventually come, and it seems inevitable that it will, I want it that we have enough food to last us.


Anyway, let me cut you the slack and go to the juice of the post.


Every government agency is telling us that we should be working from home. And most of us know very well that you can work from home as a freelancer or better still as an affiliate marketer.

I have tried both. And currently, I am still working as an affiliate marketer and I am not looking back. Not any time soon.

Anyway, so what is required of you if you are to work at home online during this corona period?

1. Freelance Work on Upwork


If you are a writer, programmer or graphic designer, you can earn through freelancing.

Just sign up with  reputable freelancing sites that are seeking your skillsets.

Let me give you a little story on my freelance writing journey

Back in 2015, 2016 and 2017 when I was an active freelance writer, there was this site where I would wake up every morning, take articles from the writing pool and work on them. Clients would then either accept and reject the articles.

Of course, most of the clients were dishonest and would reject an article, therefore not pay for it, but go ahead to use it on their sites.

Later on, I realized that was, for lack of a better word, a content mill that was all out there to please requesters while slaving the writers.

I left it.

The best freelancing site at the moment is where you highlight your skills, go ahead to apply for jobs, submit proposals to potential clients and when they hire you, you go ahead to submit high quality work that will wow them.

To survive as a freelance writer, you need to always deliver pure gold in terms of quality and also make sure that clients are paying you for what you are worth for.

Upwork is a decent freelancing site that allow you to strike a deal with the client, negotiate your pay per hour and act as an escrow to ensure that you get paid.

2. Site and App Testing Jobs

We are in the eCommerce age where every stall, company and business has found the need to sell online.

Some of the eCommerce websites are however not well designed or user interactive.

Businesses therefore want random people to test whether their websites are user friendly and you give an honest opinion on how apt the interface was.

3. Take Online Surveys

There are sites that give you rewards once you complete an online survey.

All that you need to do is give honest feedback to matching surveys and you will earn some rewards either monetary or shopping for your responses. They include:


Survey Junkie

Vindale Research



4. Affiliate marketing


This is what I currently do and at the moment, two of my sites are fully on autopilot. I do not have to do anything but I still get about $30 for one site as Amazon commission. I love the model because I am able to focus on other things in life such as family as well as having fun.

As an update, the Amazon associates program have reduced their associates commissions as from 14th April and everyone who was using the model is running Helter-skelter looking for alternatives that are going to pay them decent commissions.

That notwithstanding, the affiliate marketing venture is a good one for anyone who is looking to earn a good passive online income. You can see my amazon affiliate success story here.


To do affiliate marketing, you need to do the following:

  1. Identify a niche in which you want to blog about.
  2. Set out your blog by buying a brandable domain name and get good hosting
  3. Create content for the site
  4. Do off page SEO.
  5. Sign up as an affiliate with an affiliate program. I would recommend Amazon for starters. (They have however reduced their commissions as of 14th April).
  6. When you start earning, identify areas in which to improve your blog either onpage, off page or CRO.


5. Earn Through Ads on Your Blog


If you are a blogger, you have probably heard about earning through adsense, ezoic, mediavine or adthrive,

All these are ad networks that allow you to place merchant adverts on your site and earn from them depending on the number of people that see the ads per day.

I personally use Google adsense as well as ezoic and they have been giving me some decent income that is able to pay up my house rent and food.

I highly recommend ezoic which has higher RPMs. You can check up the requirements for joining ezoic on this article.

make money from home during corona


You can check out more legit ways to earn online on this post.

















Ezoic Review: The Tool is not worth a try

Ezoic review 2020 update

One year ago, I penned this review and talked of how ezoic was good in increasing my ad income.

Today though, things are different.

I actually quit ezoic two weeks ago.

Why? They currently have low RPM and also slowed my site speed so much.

Their ezoic premium program is ridiculous since it is a pay to play model which I do not entertain.

And when they have slowed your site to death, they go ahead to sell you this site speed accelerator. Now who does that.

My advice is that do not sign up for the program.

Other bloggers such as John Dykstra who had given great reviews of ezoic are no longer using it.

I have gone back to adsense and though their rates are not that high, they do not slow your site speed. I look forward to joining mediavine in future.

My Ezoic review

If you have ever thought of increasing your online ad revenue, then ezoic is the one tool that you really need to think about. In this ezoic review, I give my personal opinion of how I found Ezoic, how to set it up as well as how it was able to multiply my ad revenue by a big margin.

Before using Ezoic, I tried out Google Adsense and indeed it was frustrating. There was no way I was going to make it to payout. Not when I was earning barely a dollar a day

But first, what is Ezoic?

Ezoic is a technological tool that optimizes your Google ads placement so that you can get a better RPM. It uses machine learning to do so.

Ezoic Requirements

Let’s get into the meat of the story.

It took me some time to get the hang of how ezoic works.  I was there struggling to make it to payout with adsense and getting $7 a day and then I read this review by Spencer Haws of Nichepursuits and I took the plunge. Here are the ezoic requirements:

  • That you site has at least 10,000 pageviews per month
  • That your site has been approved by Google adsense
  • If it has met the above two conditions and you are willing to try ad revenue, then try ezoic.


I was a little bit hesitant to start ezoic since my site is an amazon niche site where I earn from their associates program. I thought that placing ads would put off my readers meaning that I would be seeing high bounce rates and less number of clicks to but I was so wrong.

Nothing like that happened. However, I saw a considerable decline in my page speeds.

But the revenue was good once they were able to know the hang of my readers.

How to set up Ezoic

Now here is where I give a disclaimer. I did not install Ezoic ads on my own. It is quite a long and arduous process and I personally had to ask for help from their support staff who were incredibly amazing in how they guided and indeed installed everything for me.

But before you email them, you need to do the following

  1. Sign up to ezoic here and provide all the required details
  2. Intergrate your site with ezoic. This can be done in three ways. 1. Change of nameservers so that your site dns points to Ezoic. They recommend this because they will be able to control the ads quicker on your site without interfering with your content. They also assure you of high site speed when the nameservers are pointed to them.
  3. The other option is installing the Ezoic plugin on your wordpres site which is what I did. It is simple. All you need to do is go to the plugins tab and add new plugin. Search for ezoic, install and activate.
  4. The other option which is least recommended is using the Ezoic HTML script on your site. They say this could really slow down your site speed
  5. Make sure that you have applied for Google adsense and get approved
  6. Share your site Read and Analyze Google analytics with Ezoic. They have detailed how to do this here.


  • Analyze your site big data report where you get to know the demographics, which content is performing better than the other.
  • The revenue comparison between ezoic and Adsense is incredible. Your ad revenue is sure to soar up. It will be over the roof once you do everything that is required i.e. write longer posts that hooks your audience and answers their questions.
  • Ezoic is a great and legit way to make money online without investment. All that is needed is traffiv to your blog.


  • Setting up Ezoic is quite a rigorous process. You will need an ezoic support staff to help you with it. I personally tried to do it myself and went ahead to insert the Ezoic plugin on my wordpress site, tried to wrap up my adsense ads with the ezoic html, tried to insert the ads.txt manager but the whole thing was indeed a rollercoaster. I found myself tiring of it and was about to hang in the boot when one of their support Yousaf (yhussain at ezoic dot com) came to my rescue and did it for me remotely. And then voila, the ads started showing and sooner than later, I was receiving some revenue from my efforts.
  • Ezoic will definitely slow your site speed. And it could get so bad that you might have to install some speed accelerators such as WP Rocket or other plugins to compress images, minify your html or bring in lazy loading of your images.

Comparing Google adsense vs Ezoic

I like saying this; comparing Ezoic earnings vs Adsense is like comparing death and sleep. They are incomparable! While I was earning a measly 0.2 euros with Adsense, Ezoic multiplied that to about $7. That is amazing, right!

Comparing Ezoic vs Mediavine

Though I have never tried out Mediavine, I have friends who are using it for marketing their ad space. And judging from their RPM, Mediavine is way better than Ezoic. However, you will need to have over 25,000 sessions per month to be accepted. And that is not all, their advertisers may reject your site for no good reason as they did with me.

With Ezoic, you only need to have 10,000 sessions per month, be approved by Google adsense and you are good to go. I have never heard of anyone who was rejected by them.

Since installing ezoic slows down your site, you might want to use ezoic site accelerator.

And when using the program and are found to attract high number of visitors, they might as well invite you to try out the ezoic premium.

Other ways to increase your revenue can be done by using mobile pop overs on your amazon affiliate site and also localizing the links with genius.