Why I liken Blogging to Losing Weight

Hey guys,

Did you know that I have been blogging since 2017?

Yep, it has been quite some time riding this bumpy blogging train.

Other than blogging about blogging on this site, I also maintain three other affiliate niche sites that make a good chunk of my earnings. The earnings are from commissions accumulated from recommending products to my readers as well as ad income that I earn when readers see or click on my ads.

This year (specifically in September), I decided to start losing weight.

I had gained so much during the corona virus pandemic period when I was home, eating a lot and working from my laptop.

To be specific, in March I was weighing 75kgs and here I was in September weighing 85kgs.

A whole 10kg gained in 6 short months!

My stomach was well, so huge that I was very embarrassed about my body shape.

The first few weeks of doing squats, lunges, running round the field, pushups and eating sparingly were really painful. And I was really starving but I just had to do it.

But those painful, hungry weeks reminded me of my blogging journey. That everything good that we see in anybody’s life required effort, pain, tears and sacrifice to perfect.

Why Blogging is like Getting a Chiseled Six Pack Physique to Me

In this post, I will actually be comparing a blogging journey to losing weight.

  1. Goal setting in both blogging and weight loss

In both scenarios, you need to clearly set out your goals.

And the goals need be SMART.

I know I now sound like your high school motivational speaker, don’t I?

You know the acronym SMART that translates to goals that are:

S– Specific


A- Achievable


T-Time bound

Yes, when you start blogging for money, you need to clearly define how much you wish to be making from the venture (specific), when you need to start seeing the results (measurable), how you will push yourself to getting there (achievable), how it is going to be possible (realistic) and how you much time you give yourself to measure your ROI (timebound).

Luckily with SEO, I could use tools such as Ahrefs, Google search console and Ubersuggest to see how well my keyword rankings were doing.

For earnings, Amazon, Ezoic and Google AdSense are able to keep up your earning reports so that you have a picture of how you are performing.

In weight loss, SMART goals apply. You need to map out how much you need to lose (specific), how heavy you are currently(measurable), how possible it is to get that weight (achievable), how committed you are to losing the weight (realistic) and how much time you have to getting that dream physique (time bound).

To do this, I created an Excel line chart that would track my weight loss progress so that I would record it weekly and see how well I was doing.

Line Chart showing my weight loss over weeks
  • Discipline to work on something daily and stick to a plan

When you are blogging, you need to have the discipline to blog for days, weeks, months and even years even if no revenue is coming to your pocket. But with a vision that everything will pan out well, then you need to stick to that plan that you have created and go on with it.

  • Slow but sure

Revenue from blogging or even ranking your blog on Google takes time. But do not worry. Cherish the small milestones that you are making as well as the little wins you get.

In weight loss, celebrate every little ounce of weight that you lose. Some weeks, things will stagnate but do not worry. Continue in that journey.

It is okay to be slow but sure.

  • Sacrifice

When you are starting your blogging journey, you might have to spend some money to kick start things. You would need to buy a domain name as well as pay up for your hosting.

At the same time, you might need to buy content if you are good in writing up articles, optimizing your SEO or doing CRO.

To pay these monies, I needed to sacrifice and trust the process. For the very first six months or even one year, you might not be earning any dime from your blogging venture but you will be investing a lot.

Do not give up. Trust the process

In weight loss, you will have to sacrifice your leisure time to working out. You would need to deny yourself candy, sweets and take up lousy vegetables and detox juices.

  • Motivation

If there is one thing that really motivated me to start blogging, it is the success stories of other bloggers who had made it.

I did read posts by Spencer Haws, Tung Tran, Doug Cunnington, Patrick Mahinge and I just loved looking through their earnings reports that they posted online.

This kept me going.



Working hard.

In weight loss too, you need to be motivated by the journeys of other people who have lost weight, who have toned their bodies and got admirable chiseled physiques. You can get these personalities on YouTube and you will just be stoked by their six packs, nice thighs and flat tummies.

  • Accountability partners

Just like weight loss, you will need accountability partners when you are blogging.

These people are going to keep your blogging goals and activities in check.

Everytime you fail to blog, they should ask you why you did not blog as you had promised to do.

In weight loss too, I had this work colleague who also wanted to lose her belly.

We do exercise with her and she will continually ask me why I did not attend training for the day.