Best 5 Companies Offering the Cheapest domains in Kenya


.com,, .africa domains available

  • Domain and hosting services availble
  • Great customer support
  • Easy navigation of website

Kshs. 1000 per year


All domain types available

  • Domain and hosting services
  • Awesome customer support with great communication

Kshs. 1160 per year


.com, domains available

  • Domain services
  • Five free tickets per special exhibition
  • Six single-use guest passes per year

Kshs. 1349 per year

Domain registration in Kenya

Let’s say that you want to start a blog where you sell products or services to Kenyans.

It could be that you want to try out affiliate marketing for products on Jumia, Kilimall or other eCommerce platforms in Kenya, the first thing you will need to do is register a domain name. 

For a Kenyan audience, you could use a .ke or domain name. If you are targeting to get a global audience for your blog, you could use a .com or .net domain name.

For organizations, I would advise you to use a .org domain.

All these domain suffixes can be registered in Kenya.

You will then host it and start a blog.

You are now looking for a company that offers the cheapest domains in Kenya.

Well, we have got you sorted because in this blog, we will be looking at exactly that.

Best domain registrar in Kenya

Without saying too much, the best and cheapest domain registrar for a domain has to be Skyhost that charges a measly 599.

Buy domain from Skyhost at Ksh.599

For a .com or .ke domain though, I would go with Kenya web Experts whose prices are way better that any other domain registration company.

Buy .com or .ke domain from KenyaWebExperts

Here is a summary of the registration prices you are charged by some of best domain registrars in Kenya:


Price in Kshs for domain registration

What to look out for when choosing your best domain registrar in Kenya

  • Domain Registration Price

Of course you want the domain registrar that offers the best registration pricing, right? As you look at this though, you will want to also look at the renewal prices.

  • Domain Renewal Price

Most domain registrars are notorious for charging low prices when you are registering your new domain only to charge you exorbitantly when you are renewing it annually.

  • Customer Support

When registering my domains, I want a company that has good customer support. With companies such as Kenya Web Experts, you can reach them 24/7 and your issue will be sorted ASAP.

The support should also inform you when your domain is about to expire as well as send you regular emails of promo codes and coupon codes that you could use in your next purchase.

  • Great and easy to use Dashboard

I want to use domain registrars that have an awesome client dashboard so that I can be able to see all the domains I have registered as well as when they will expire so that I can take action

  • Ease of transfer

Domain registrars should be able to allow you to transfer the domains you registered with them to other companies. Lets say for example that I have domains registered with Kenya web experts, other with Safaricom and another with Sasahost.

Since it might get cumbersome to know where a certain domain is registered, the companies should allow me to transfer the domains from one company to another at a low fee.

  • Affiliate program

I like domain registrars that have an affiliate program so that I can earn from them any time I refer customers to register domains with them.

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  1. Kenya Web Experts

This is my favourite domain registration company in Kenya. Almost all my domains are registered with Kenya web Experts. They have affordable prices, awesome customer support and are really prompt in service delivery.

Register Domain with KenyaWebExperts

  1. True Host

Truehost is another highly reputable domain registration and hosting company in Kenya.

Register Domain with TrueHost

  1. Safaricom Domains

Did you know that the telecommunication giant, Safaricom, offers domain registration and hosting services? Well, they actually do. You can register your, .ke,.com,, domains with them here as well as ask questions about hosting your blog with them.

  1. EAC Directory: Eac directory is another platform where you can register your Kenyan domains. Register your domain with eacdirectory here.
  2. SasaHost–Sasahost are another great domain registration company with relatively good prices and customer support. You can register your domain with them here.
  3. Skyhost— From our comparison table, Skyhost are the cheapest registrars for a domain in Kenya.

Register Domain with Skyhost

Free domains in Kenya

Did you know that you could benefit from free domains in Kenya?

Well, the good news is that you could. And what’s more, you could as well get free hosting!

Yes, some companies do not require you to pay a dime to own a blog.

Some of the places where you could get a free domain and hosting in Kenya include:

  •–your domain will be something like
  • Google Blogger—your free domain will be something like
  • Tumbler—your free domain will be something like

Why you should not use free domains for your Kenyan business

I would however not advise business bloggers to try out these free platforms. 

For one, people do not take you seriously when you are on a free domain. Two, you do not have many customization options such as using different plugins and designing your site as you would like.

Three, doing SEO for free domains is tough. The permalinks for example are ugly and long. There is no way that you can customize them.

The free domains are only great for students who are learning how to blog. Once they have learnt how to do it, they can go ahead and use the custom domain names to do serious business.

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