5 Best Ad Network Programs For Bloggers

Have you ever done a google search on ‘how to potty train your toddler’ and stumbled upon a high quality article that details ‘how you can potty train your little one’  so well that you wondered what was in it for the blogger?

ad networks for bloggers

They were clearly not asking you to buy a potty or yet another online course. So why did they have to waste their time blogging that awesomely?

Well, if you looked clearly, there might have been ads strewn all over the blog post.

Let me break it down to you:

[su_note]You do not have to be recommending products in order to make money blogging. No, you can earn from ad network companies if you prove to be getting high quality and sufficient traffic.[/su_note]

Best Ad Networks for Small Publishers with Traffic of upto 100K Sessions (Per Month)


Ad network programs  will also demand that you use friendly language that does not border on violence or pornography. Some of the ad programs that we look in this blog post include:

-Google adsense





1. Google adsense

Adsense is an online advertisement network owned by Google.

It is the easiest network to join since it does not have a defined traffic requirement,  Needless to say, approval into adsense is a requirement before you are approved into all the other ad programs.

What you need to look into before applying to Google adsense

1.     Use friendly language that does not border on violence or immorality.

2.     Have a google account

3.     Add the adsense script into your wordpress site

4.     Add an ads.txt mangaer file so as to filter away malicious ads from your site

5.     Use English on your site

6.     Have the necessary legal pages ie. Privacy policy, contact us and about us.

7.     Provide a real mailing address for PIN verification.

Google adsense payson the 20th of every month for ads displayed the previous month. It pays via Western Union or Wire transfer.

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2. Ezoic

Ezoic requires a minimum 10,000 pageviews per month before they can accept you into the program. They have been shown to accept everyone as long as you have the 10k pageviews and have been approved by adsense.

Other than the free plan, they also have a premium plan where you pay for increased income.

Most bloggers including me have complained about how ezoic lowers your site speed which would affect the overall user experience. To counter this, they introduced an ezoic speed accelerator subscription.

Ezoic pays monthly via paypal and payoneer.

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3. Mediavine

Mediavine is considered by many bloggers, including yours truly, as the holy grail of ad programs. You are considered to be a cool kid if mediavine has accepted you into their program since you are assured of better RPMs as compared to those of us still using ezoic and adsense.

Currently, mediavine requires that your site is getting at least 50,000 sessions per month before they accept you. You will also need to have adsense approval.

However, it is never that easy to get into mediavine even after achieving these two conditions. They have at other things that they look into before they approve you.

4. Monumetric

I have never given much thought to monumetric since they charge a $99 fee for bloggers who have between 10k to 80k sessions before they are accepted.

5. Adthrive

To get accepted into adthrive, you need to have at least 100k sessions.

I hear that they have equally good RPMs which is good considering that for a blogger to get 100k sessions, they must have put in a ton of work into their sites.

UPLOADING 1 / 1 – best ad networks for small bloggers like me.png ATTACHMENT DETAILS best ad networks for small bloggers like me

4 Examples of Highly Successful Amazon Affiliates

I keep saying this; that for a complete online marketing newbie, Amazon affiliate program should be the first place where you start.

We will examine the truth of that statement as we look at our 4 amazon affiliate success stories.

amazon affiliate success stories

[su_note]The Amazon affiliate program is not only easy, newbie friendly but also has a ton of customers. So for anything that you recommend and have good (presold) traffic, you can be sure to earn good money.[/su_note]

I talk about presold traffic since you need to ensure that the person reading your review site is really interested in buying the products that you are reviewing. Going through your review should not be the first time that they are hearing about the product you are writing about. The best source of presold traffic is search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

While people might see your pin images on Pinterest and go on to your site and get convinced about buying your products, it is never the rule but rather an exception. People on Pinterest will, yes, get piqued by the visually appealing review pins you have done but they are not really intending to buy your products. At times though, they might buy.

On Google, one will only search for ‘best mattresses under $500’ if they are indeed interested in that product and so when they bump into your site reviewing mattresses under $500, they are highly likely to click on your call to action buttons and go ahead to buy what you are recommending.

Advantages of Amazon affiliate marketing

  1. Getting in is easy since all you need to do is create a blog which you can do so at $25 and then go ahead to select your niche, put up content, rank and bank.
  2. Amazon is well trusted and so people who you push to the store are highly likely to make a purchase.
  3. It is easy to scale and explode your earnings on Amazon using these strategies.
  4. It is genuine and legit so you are assured of your earned income  unless you get into their bad books.
  5. You can earn from whichever country you are in whether developing or developed.  I wrote a guide on how people from developing countries can get paid by Amazon.

Let’s jump into our 5 examples of successful Amazon affiliates and their sites

5 Amazon Affiliate Success Stories

  1. Spencer Haws of Niche pursuits

earnings made by Spencer Haws for own the yard in December 2019

If there is one guy who is really inspirational on matters to do with Amazon affiliate marketing, then it has to be Spencer Haws of Niche pursuits.

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Spencer blogs about how his blogging process, reveals his sites to his thousands of readers and goes ahead to reveal his income from these very sites.

I am always challenged by how highly effective he is in niche selection, keyword research as well as outsourcing writers to do his niche sites.

In December 2019, he revealed that his 1 year old site made $1991 from Amazon affiliate marketing.

You can find his journeys at nichepursuits.com

  1. Luqman Khan of 10beasts.com

ugust august 2016 earnings for 10beasts by Luqman Khan

If there is one man who gob smacked everyone in the online marketing world with his highly earning affiliate site, then it has to be Luqman Khan. Luqman created this crazy affiliate site named 10beasts.com, earned so much from the site within a short period, sold it, had it penalized by Google immediately after he sold it and then went ahead to remove the penalty and reinstate the site.

You can find him at nichepie.com

  1. Doug Cunnington of nichesiteproject.com

doug cunnington 2017 earnings

I am a big fan of Doug Cunnington of nichesiteproject.com where he takes about how one can grow their Amazon affiliate site to a five figure monthly salary. He has this easy way to look for keywords that will rank with little effort. He calls it the keyword golden ratio and true to his words, I have always used it with lots of success.

You can find him at nichesiteproject.com


  1. Tung trang of Cloudliving

Tung Trang started online marketing as a student. He is a big name in amazon affiliate marketing where he tried the $10k per month challenge. Though he got a Google Penalty for his site, he has gone on to start other successful amazon affiliate sites.

You can see his blog posts at cloudliving.com.

Key takeaways from these 4 highly successful Amazon affiliates

  1. Great content and design for your site

As most bloggers say–content is king! And so is it, in amazon affiliate marketing.

So if you are looking for tips on how to be a successful amazon affiliate, think great content.

Affiliate sites are all about answering questions that readers might have about products before the make the final buying decision. You therefore have to put out great converting content that is going to convince the reader to click onto your affiliate links and go ahead to complete the purchase at Amazon.

To churn out great content, you could either hire expert writers who have used the products, or researched extensively about the feel, look and efficacy of the product. For new bloggers, buying the products so as to review them or have them looked at by experts might be too expensive and therefore, you use option number two; research extensively about the product and describe it as though you have held it in your arms.

  1. Diversify your earnings with other affiliate programs as well as ads

Depending on one online income is a danger in itself. You should always diversify into other income streams so that if you were to be pushed away from one, you can always rely on others. Spencer Haws talks about how he uses ads on his review sites so that other than earning from the Amazon affiliate program, he is still able to earn from Ezoic and Google Adsense too.

Luqman talks about how he was able to geo target his Amazon affiliate links with genius so that he would be able to earn from Amazon UK, Canada and US.

  1. Diversify your traffic sources

Depending on one traffic source could also pose a danger. You are not to rely on Pinterest or Google alone. Try to look for other alternative traffic sources so that if an update pushes you out from one traffic source, you have other places to look up to.

4. Keyword research is everything


Without proper keyword research, you will start a blog where you stand no chances of ever ranking or making a penny.

Now no one wants to do this. To avoid that, you need to invest in proper knowledge of niche selection, keyword research and also think of buying premium keyword research tools such as ahrefs.

examples of people earning big with amazon affiliate program

11 Ways to Explode your Amazon affiliate income

ways to explode amazon affilaite earnings

Once you get approved into the Amazon associates program, you want to work on your earnings so that you can reach your first payout. After reaching your first payout, you want to go ahead and earn your first $100, $200, $300,…,$1000, $5000 and even $10000 per month.

how to 10x your amazon affiliate income

In this post, I talk of some of the strategies that I have used (and are still using )to scale my Amazon affiliate earnings.

So lets dig into them:

  1. Use Amazon native ads

Amazon has these native ads that they say will increase your affiliate income.

Have I seen them work for me? Yes, I have.

The ads are native in that they seem to be part of your site. You can add them before reviewing different products in your ‘best xyz products’.


amazon native shopping ads

All you need to do is login to your Amazon associates account and go to Product Linking then click on Native Shopping ads.

There are three types of native ads: search, recommendation and custom.

I like using the custom ads where you search the products that you review and they will be displayed with the star ratings as well as the prices.

  1. Using mobile pop overs

I have already discussed in an earlier post how you add Amazon mobile pop overs into your site to increase earnings.

You see most of the people visiting your site and clicking through to Amazon store are most probably on mobile. So why not have something that will show them a featured product at the bottom of the mobile screen as they scroll so that you increase their chances of buying the product.


According to Amazon, mobile pop overs have been shown to increase click through rates by 30%.

  1. Write more content reviewing other products in niche that you are ranking for

If you are using Google search engine, you will find that you are ranked in the first page of the SERPS when Google feels that you are an authority in the niche and are providing the best solutions to what people are looking for. If this is your case, then it is high time to go out writing lots of product reviews in that niche.

Say for example that you have ranked for the best mattresses, duvets and pillows. Then it is clear that Google feels that you could be an authority in the sleep niche. So why not go ahead to write about best bed covers, mattress toppers and bed risers.

  1. Better your SEO and diversify your Traffic source


If you are primarily getting your traffic from Google then you could diversify your traffic and try Pinterest or even Quora.

At the same time, you could better your rankings by bettering your SEO. Say for example that you are ranking position 8 for a keyword, you are sure to getter more traffic and hence earnings if you were to move to the top three positions.


So how can you better your SEO?


  • Build more backlinks to your site

You can build more backlinks to your site. These backlinks could either be blog comments, links from a private blog networks, forum links or collaborate with other bloggers in your niche to get guest post backlinks.

  • Increase topical relevance for keywords that are almost ranking

Say for example that you are ranking on position 15 for the keyword ‘best bed covers’. You have tried everything to move the keyword up the serps but nothing seems to be giving in. Well, you could try to increase the topical relevance to move the needle.

You can do this by creating more content on bed covers and linking out to the pillar page that you want to rank. For example you can create three posts on 1. How to clean bed covers. 2 How to select the best bed covers. 3. How to repurpose your old bed covers.

  • Scoop featured snippets

Bloggers who get the featured snippet search results enjoy more traffic as compared to those who are in the other top 10 positions. You can always grab the featured snippet by working on your page schema.

  • Updating old content

Google loves fresh content. If you are ranking for a post on ‘best mattresses’ that has 15 products and 1500 words, you can always add 5 more mattresses and to up the content to 2000 words.

However as you update old content, look out not to alter the keyword density.

  • Improve your on page optimization by having the focus keyword in the SEO title, meta descriptions, h2s, content as well as in your image alt text.



  1. Localize your Amazon affiliate links either with Amazon Onelink or genius link

amazon affiliate link health

If you are getting some earnings for the keyword ‘best mattresses’ from Amazon USA, you could probably also be getting some earnings from Amazon UK, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Italy and India if you are ranking on the serps of those countries.

You could always check whether you are ranking for a certain keyword in a certain locality using ahrefs.

Once you establish that you are indeed ranking for the keyword in any of those countries, create an Amazon associates account for those countries and go ahead to localize your site affiliate links with genius or Amazon onelink.

I use genius link since it is easy to install, seamless to use and has a better ROI as compared to Amazon onelink. It is however a paid tool and so for people who want to localize their Amazon affiliate links freely, they could always use onelink.

  1. Diversify your earnings with ad income

If you are getting enough traffic to drive sales to Amazon through Search engines or pinterest, then it means that you could also earn from ad networks such as Google adsense, ezoic and mediavine.

The easiest program among these three to join is Google adsense since all they want of you is that you are getting a traffic of 100 views per day, have the necessary legal pages such as privacy policy, contact us and about us.

For ezoic, they require that you have at least 10,000 views per month and be adsense approved. For mediavine, you will need to have at least 50000 page views per month in order to join.

Mediavine have the best rpms but it is usually harder to join and they might reject you even when you have the over 50000 sessions per month.

  1. Join other affiliate programs that have better commission rates

After the Amazon affiliate income commission cuts, I joined shareasale. Though they do not have such a good conversion as compared to Amazon, they have better commission rates.

I for example am in the health niche where Amazon are giving a measly 1% commission. For some of those health products, shareasale are giving me a 10% commission.


Join Shareasale here to triple your commission rates


So should I ditch Amazon and move over to shareasale?

No, Amazon has won the trust of many people and therefore the conversion rate is very high.

I therefore need to be creative and work on comparing the products on shareasale and Amazon so that readers can make their own choice over where to buy the product from.



  1. Psychological Call to action buttons

You need to do a/b split testing on your CTAs to see the ones that are better at conversions. You might need to change the call to action button colors, sizes as well as positioning on your site.

Neil Patel talks about how to tweak your CTAs into what he calls psychological.

  1. See where your readers are clicking with heat maps so as to position your CTAs there

You can tell where your readers are clicking on your site by use of heatmaps. Once you identify those exact positions, then you can place your heat maps at those positions. Some of the most popular heatmaps that you can use include hotjar and crazyegg.

  1. Have comparison charts above the fold of your site.

For ‘best xyzs’ you can create comparison charts and place them above the fold. I have found comparison tables placed above the fold to always increase my click through rates.

  1. Create new affiliate sites and replicate your success

Once you have created a site, ranked and made money from the Amazon affiliate program, you could always try to replicate that success by creating another affiliate site.

You will find that for your second and subsequent sites, you will be able to rank easily and see your earnings faster than you had seen in your first site when you were still a newbie.

How To Set Up A successful Blog at $25 Only for Beginners

How Beginners can Cheaply start a wordpress Blog to Make Money

If you have been following my series of blog posts, you by now know that blogging can be a profitable thing especially when you target a certain audience who will be reading your blog religiously and helping you make them bucks.

So you are now convinced and want to start an affiliate site or maybe a site where you earn through ads from Google adsense or ezoic but are not sure the cheapest way to do so.

Well in this post, I will tell you exactly how you can start one at the cost of $25 only for the first year.


In this post, I will be assuming that you have already done all the preliminaries about affiliate marketing.

The $20 the cost does not include: keyword research cost, content creation, premium theme or building backlinks.

The cost is only for buying a domain name and hosting your website files.

But these are the most important. Once you have them, you can have your site running.

I believe that with the right knowledge, you can do your own keyword research, write your content, use a free theme and build your own foundational backlinks to rank a low competition niche.

Now that is out of the way, let us look at what the $25 will help you do.

Selecting and buying your domain name at $6.98 from Namecheap

Yes, you will be buying your $6.98 from Namecheap.

But before you go right to buying it, you need to think about the domain name.

  • It needs to be brandable.

Sometimes back, webmasters would buy exact keyword match domains (EMDs in short).

You can still do so.

But it is limiting in that you can only blog about one thing.

Say for example that I want a site where I will be reviewing the best sofas and therefore name my website exact match domain as bestsofas.com

It will be limiting in that I can only blog about sofas. I can never go to other things such as reviewing the best curtains, dinner chairs or wall clocks for your house.

At the same time, SEO experts have argued that Google is highly likely to penalize your site if you are using an exact match domain (EMD).

So what would be a brandable name for person reviewing best furniture for your home?

I would go for names that have no meaning in English say for example: houhou.com, leslyi.com, sofix.com, besto.com etc

  •  Short domain name

The website domain name needs to be short and precise.

Go for something that has at most 6 characters.

In our examples above, houhou has only 6 characters, sofix has 5 while besto has 5 too.

Short domain names are easy to remember for your readers.

Now, that we know what to look for in a domain name, let us look at the exact process of buying your $6.98 domain from Namecheap.

It is pretty easy.

Just click on this link to visit Namecheap.

Enter the brandable, short domain name you want and check for its availability



If you do not already have an account, Namecheap will ask you to create one.

Provide all your details and go ahead to checkout.

Provide your loaded credit card details to complete purchase.

Once the purchase is successful, namecheap are going to notify you via email.

Shared Hosting with Namecheap at $17.50 per year

Once you are done with buying a domain name, you can go ahead and buy your $17.48 namecheap shared hosting.

Click on this link to visit the namecheap shared hosting page.

Select the stellar shared hosting for one year.

Now that you already had an account while buying a domain name, you do not need to create another but log into your already created account.

Provide the details required and checkout.

start blog at 25$

Setting up your wordpress site with the domain name and the hosting

Now that we have a domain name and hosting from namecheap, connecting the two is easy peasy.

We do not need to change any nameservers since they are already pointed to namecheap hosting.

So, what we need to do is set up wordpress for the site and start things out.

When you buy your hosting, namecheap gives you access to a cpanel which is where you install your wordpress.

Login to the cpanel and scroll down to softcalous apps installer where you will find the wordpress software ready for install

Click on the wordpress icon


Click on install and set up your wordpress site name, description, username, password and admin email.

You could also select the site theme that you want to use

Once done, you can click on install and there you have it, your wordpress site.

All you now need to do is login to the site everytime you want to upload content, videos or images.

By default, the login url is sitename.com/wp-admin.

Setting up Necessary WordPress Plugins

Now that we have our site, we are not done yet.

We need to set up some wordpress plugins that all SEOs have found to be necessary in any blog.

They include Yoast plugin that helps with setting up meta descriptions and seo titles. We also have contact form 7 that helps you with having a professional contact page.

So how do we go about it.

Login to your wordpress dashboard and while there click on plugins.

We will try to install yoast plugin in this our example

You will search for ‘yoast plugin’ in the search section and a list of suggestions will appear.

We are interested inthe first suggestion.

So, I will click on ‘Install now’ button.

Once installed, I will need to activate it.

So, that’s it.

You may need to learn how to use the Yoast plugin to update your post meta descriptions and seo titles from here.

The procedure for installing contact form 7 is also the same but you might need to learn how to make a contact page from this video


Now all that we are left with is setting up the permalinks.

Permalinks show the structure of a url.

For example, the permalink for this post is http://freelancinghackers.com/beginners-cheap-wordpress-blog-to-make-money/

By default when you install a new wordpress, it would not show this.

It would be something like http://freelancinghackers.com/%20/6%/2020%

This you will agree with me is ugly.

We need to set up that permalink to reflect the postname.

So how do we do it?

Just login to your wordpress dashboard, go to settings then click on permalinks

You will find that you are using the custom permalink.

Change to postname permalink by clicking on it

And that’s it.

You can now load your content either as pages or as posts.

Once you have some good traffic, you could sign up with the amazon associates program so as to start earning.


Wrap up on Starting a Blog at $25 only

We have looked at how to cheaply start a wordpress blog at $25 only for beginners.

We have said that you need to buy a namecheap domain name that is currently going at $6.98 and also get shared hosting that is going for $17.28 for the first year.

We have also looked at how to set up the wordpress blog with a free theme plus necessary plugins.

We have also looked at how to set your permalinks from the ugly default to something cool that has only the postname.

how to start a blog at 25 dollars and earn

Amazon Vs Shareasale: Which is a Better Affiliate Program

Lets face it.

When you start an affiliate site, you want some quick return on your investment.

You want to join an affiliate program that pays you well and promptly.

amazon vs shareasale

Amazon vs shareasale: Which should you Join to See Higher Earnings


I informed you that since the amazon associates program cut their affiliate commission rates, I was going to look for alternatives. And well, I did look around.

I tried to sign up with Target, Walmart as well as shareasale. The former two however did not please me since their affiliate commission rates seemed to be no better than amazon for the products that I am promoting.


Sign up at Shareasale for better Affiliate commissions


With shareasale though, I was able to find one merchant who snugly fits what I do, have better pricing for my readers and will offer me better commission rates. It is a win-win for all.

Now shareasale is a big affiliate marketing program with over 4000 merchants registered into the program. Unlike amazon, you will have to do double applications:

1. Apply to shareasale and get accepted

2. Apply to individual merchants and once approved, start promoting their products.

I should point out that this was rather hectic for me.

The merchant who snugly fits into what I do took so long to accept my application. I was also at first autorejected by shareasale. I however tweeted and emailed them with a detailed descripition of what I do and the promotion methods that I use. I also pointed out that I was previously on amazon associates program and therefore knows the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and SEO.

They accepted me.

The next headache was applying to the merchant. They were silent. I tried to inbox them on facebook. Crickets. Another email. Crickets. A tweet. Crickets. I almost gave up

Then luckily, someone in the company noticed my emails. They accepted me into the program.

I started adding their affiliate links into my site. I did not completely remove my amazon affiliate links. No, I just did a price comparison so that a customer would feel obliged to click to the merchant site as opposed to amazon since the merchant have better pricing.

How to Get Your Shareasale Application Accepted

From my autorejection at shareasale, I have gathered a few tips that you could use to make sure that you are accepted into the program

  1. Make sure to use your domain email eg james@freelancinghackers.com as opposed to using a generic hotmail, yahoo or gmail email address as a generic email address will get autorejected.
  2. Ensure to adequately describe what your site does and how you promote products either via SEO, Pinterest or Facebook marketing
  3. If they still autoreject you even after doing all that send an email to shareasale@shareasale.com from your domain email

Here is the structure of the email I sent them:

Email Subject: Application as an Affiliate Marketer

Hello Shareasale,
James here, founder of domain.com.

Domain.com is a site that reviews products in the ….niche where I advise readers on what to look for when buying….. I also write advising them on how to use….

I am writing applying for consideration into your affiliate program so that I can promote products for merchant A and B.

Currently I am using Amazon Associates program but wish to move since they have lowered commissions for affiliates. Your merchants are offering better commission rates as well as a better pricing point for my readers.

Currently, I am getting a traffic of about 3000 viewers per month.

I use search engine optimization to rank on Google, Bing and Yahoo. I also promote my content via Pinterest and Facebook.
I am ranking for keywords such as
This shows that the readers have a buying interest.

Attached, please find a report of the orders I have referred to Amazon over the past one year.

Please do consider my application positively.

I look forward to working with you.
Thanks in advance.


At the moment, I have not amassed that much in earnings from shareasale. I have only made $13 from 4 sales made through 38 clicks. It is still early days to make any conclusions on the conversion rates.

Earnings from shareasale

Maybe when I have over 1000 click throughs, then I can come back and analyze the conversion rates as well as what I have earned from the program.

The good thing is that I am getting a whooping 10% commission from shareasale as opposed to the measly 1% that I was making with amazon for the same products.

Join Shareasale here to triple your commission rates


Amazon Shareasale
24 hour cookie 30 days cookie
Easy to get in since you only need to sign up and start selling Kinda tricky and hard since you need to apply to shareasale(could get rejected) before applying to merchants
Better conversion rates since amazon is trusted and renowned Conversion rates for merchants sites might not be that good since most are not well known and therefore not trusted by readers
Payment after 60 days Payments done after a month on the 20th
Account can get closed if you are unable to sell 3 products in 180 days I have not heard of any account closure due to non activity
Payments via check and direct deposit Payments via check and payoneer


Receiving Amazon Associate Earnings as a Non US resident

How to Receive Amazon Affiliate Payments if you are in a third world country

Sometimes back, it was practically impossible to get your amazon affiliate payments if you were living out of the first tier countries (read Europe, Australia and America). For someone like me in Africa, you would have to have a relative or friend in the US whom you would ask to receive the payments on your behalf and then they would wire it to you.

Now that is not something that you want to do with your hard earned money. Not especially if this person in the US is not very trustworthy.

However, with time, things have got changed and become simpler. One way to receive amazon associates earnings that I can vouch as seamless, easy and reliable is Payoneer.

Payoneer is a financial solution that allows you to create virtual bank accounts in the Americas as well as Europe while you are still in Nairobi or your home city.

How to create a Payoneer account

Now creating a Payoneer account is pretty easy. All you will need is provide your personal details, address and email which you will be receiving payment notifications. You also need to provide a unique password which you can renew after a duration of time. Of late they have enhanced the security of your account by asking you to provide your phone so as to send codes for 2 factor authentication purposes.

They will also send you a payoneer Mastercard branded account upon your request. With the Mastercard, you can withdraw your funds from any Mastercard branded ATM. To get this Mastercard, you need to provide your real mailing address since it will be mailed to you. You can always request for another card incase the first one fails to arrive.

So lets go step by step

register payoneer

You need to click on the register button that is highlighted in orange

Next, they will want to know why you are registering a payoneer account. Now as an affiliate marketer, choose that option and then indicate that you will be paid by publishers

Now, give your personal details including email and location address.

You will then be asked further questions and once done, they are going to review your application and revert to you via the email address you supplied.

What I like about getting my Amazon associate earnings using Payoneer

  • You will get a whooping $25 when you sign up through my affiliate link. Yes for free. I too will receive it when you start earning and get your first $100 payment
  • They will provide you with a virtual US bank account. You can use the same bank account to get payment from other companies such as shareasale, upwork that use direct deposit for US users
  • You can withdraw your funds in local currency or USD using your mastercard at Mastercard ATMs
  • Good foreign exchange conversion rates
  • I am able to withdraw cash from payoneer to my local bank account in hours.
  • I am able to get payments from not only US but also UK, Canada, UK and Australia.

How to add Payoneer account to to your Amazon Associates account

As you are signing up as an affiliate with the amazon associates program, the last item that they will ask is you to enter your payment details.

Now head over to Payoneer and get those details. Copy paste them as they are into your amazon associates account and you will be done.

Here are my details for payments coming from the US

How to add Payoneer account to to your Amazon Associates account

Now copy those details to your amazon associates account dashboard

If you are getting traffic from UK, Canada and Australia, you would also want to create more amazon associate accounts for those countries and then request payoneer to give you bank accounts to add to your respective associate accounts.

Now, using genius link or the free option of onelink, you will be able to localize your links and therefore get earnings from these countries too.

Again, head over to payoneer and click to receive payments from the said countries then copy paste the payment details to your respective amazon associates accounts.


Amazon Proofreading Jobs: What You Need to Be Hired and Where to Get the Jobs

If you have ever read an amazon product description, got moved so much to buy that you went ahead to steal your mother’s credit card to complete the transaction(because you didn’t have cash on you), then you will agree with me that the description was the work of a master copywriter.

It was then fine tuned by an equally impeccable amazon proofreader who tied all the loose ends so that you felt confident about the product.

Or maybe you have ever seen two almost similar products on amazon stores but when you went to read their descriptions, one turned you off not because of anything but because of the unenthusiastic copy used to describe it. The other one maybe completely blew you off and you immediately decided to buy it.

Well, that is another case of amazon proofreading job gone well.


As you might have guessed, in this post, I talk about amazon proofreading, jobs available for impeccable proofreaders, skills needed to scoop such gigs as well as the places where you can be hired for such jobs.


But who is a proofreader?

Now the work of a proofreader, whether you are proofreading for amazon, eBooks, technical content on a site or editing emails, is pretty simple but at the same time important because you are in charge of making sure that copy that passes through you is great, legible and succinct. Precise and consistent.

Copy needs to address the needs of of the reader as well as push them to taking action. Proofreading involves reading keenly through copy to make sure that it is well written.

In case of grammar, concord, spelling, context and consistency errors you are supposed to point them out, suggest how to rectify them or edit them altogether.

Amazon product merchants want to sell. They will therefore write copy that convinces customers to buy. Other than promoting products, their copy could as well give customers a guide on how to use a product. As an amazon proofreader, you need to ensure that the objective of the merchant is well captured. They will hire you to do this.


What you need to have in order to be a good amazon proofreader

  1. Impeccable Native English grammar skills
  2. Internet connectivity and a computer
  3. Keenness to details and ability to work long hours while meticulously dissecting every sentence to see that it reads really well


Where to get Amazon proofreading jobs

  1. Upwork
  2. Iwriter
  3. Freelancer
  4. Fiverr
  5. Facebook groups and linkedin
  6. Your own blog where you will ask people hire you proofread their copy
  7. Peopleperhour and Legiit

Earnings of an amazon proofreader

There is no standard or set earning card for an amazon proofreader. No, you set your own rates according to your skills and proficiency.

To get such jobs as a beginner, you might however start on a low rate, provide pure gold to your clients and then gradually increase your rates per hour as you gain more skills and have good ratings from people whom you have done work for.

What I love about proofreading is that if you do it well, you are going to create a name for yourself. Clients are going to refer you to their friends who might need some proofreading work done for them. Other than that, it is a sure legit way to earn online without paying a dime.

Amazon OneLink Review [2020]

Overview of Amazon Onelink

When you are an affiliate with amazon, you will always be looking for ways to increase your earnings.

You could either do this by working on your search engine optimization(SEO) or your conversion rate optimization(CRO).

With SEO, you are looking to increase your traffic so that with more people reading your blog, more people are likely to buy via your affiliate links and so your revenue shoots up. With CRO, you are looking to improve the user experience on your site and convincing them to stop being casual readers but buyers. So here you just need the same traffic.

I consider localizing of links by Onelink as a CRO tactic. You will be using the same traffic but converting more of them to buyers.

What is Amazon Onelink

Amazon Onelink is a tool by Amazon.com that is to be used by their associates to localize links. Let me give an example of what it means to localize links.

Say that Alejandro in Spain comes across your blog post review of the best ironing boxes.

So they find your Ramtons iron box to be the best and proceed to click on your call to action button telling them to check price on amazon. However, they are taken to Amazon.com but they would want to buy the same product from Amazon spain store, amazon.es.

That will be lost commission. But how about that you had a tool that would tell their ip address so that you direct them to amazon.es store and still get a commission there?

Well that is exactly what Amazon Onelink does. It checks the ip address of the buyer, takes them to a store near them and matches them to the product they were looking for in that store.

Of course you have to sign up as an associate with all the stores where you want to direct your customers. To do this, you need to first check where your readers are coming from. You can use Google Analytics or a Serp tool like Ahrefs to tell where the bulk of your readers are coming from.

Then once you have this out of the way, you can sign up to the various amazon affiliate programs. The sign up is similar in all stores.

However, they might use the local languages on the opened programs so use Google chrome translate tool to have an easy time signing up.

How to use Amazon Onelink

Once you have signed up, you can go ahead and use the Amazon Onelink tool. From your US affiliate program, click on tools then Onelink. You will be asked to link your accounts. Select those which you signed up for and enter the affiliate store codes.

amazon onelink

Go ahead and use the supplied java script code to enter it into your theme editor in the header.php

Here is a video detailing the process of using Onelink


My experience using Amazon Onelink

I used Amazon Onelink for my primary site and left it to run for a week.

I have to say that it was pretty easy to install and within 2 days, I was already seeing clicks in my Canada, UK and Australia affiliate dashboards.

However, I was not at all pleased.

For one, it had product mismatches that would of course have the customers not buying.

At the same time, I found it to affect my Amazon US conversion rates. Normally, I would record a conversion rate of between 8% to 15% but here I was with a measly 3%. Since I had done nothing else to the site, I deduced that it was the Onelink that was lowering my conversion rates.

So I ended up removing it and using genius link instead. Though it is a paid tool, I have never regretted using it.

Advantages of localizing with Amazon Onelink

  • Free tool– you do not have to cough a dime to use Onelink since it is a free tool provided by Amazon themselves.
  • Easy set up– setting up Onelink as I have shown is a pretty easy thing. On the other hand, using other localizing tools like genius might prove to be more complicated.

Disadvantages of Amazon Onelink

  • Product mismatches–Onelink is highly likely to mismatch your products such that when a customer wants to go get a Ramtons iron box on Amazon.es, they might easily be redirectly to same store but for Phillips iron box.
  • Lowered conversion rates for my Amazon US stores.

Bottomline on my Amazon Onelink Review

After using Amazon Onelink, I would not recommend it at all. Though it is free and easy to set up, your objective when you are localizing links is to get more revenue. But look here, the tool does not do that; in my case it didn’t.

Instead of using Onelink, I would recommend that you better learn how to use genius link. Though it is a paid tool, I have found it to localize links well with minimal product mismatches, and it also tells me when products are out of stock.

With Genius link, I was able to increase my earnings by at least $50 per month and this has contributed immensely in my amazon affiliate success journey.

Legit ways to make money online without investment

legit ways to earn online without investment

Are you looking to earn 10 dollars per day without investment online?


I know that piques your interest but let me put this out straight.

That though it is possible to earn online without making any monetary investment, you will have to put in the works, invest your time and will require skills that people are looking to hire.

You will have to be say, an app programmer whom people are looking out for to design and code their mobile app, or you could be an impeccable content writer whom people are looking to hire do some blog write-ups for them.

But there is no free money that you are going to earn online.

There is no magic wand that you use to hit on them browsers to make cash.


There is also no PayPal money generator which you click on for a  quick payout. One way or the other, you will have to put in the work.

My task in this blog is to show you legit ways to make money online with or without monetary investment. I say legit because there are scammers online who would like to use your skills, time and effort without paying you a dime. While I might show you legit sites to make money online, even in those legit sites, there are still some dishonest people who would want to use you wrongly. So use your due diligence.


Legit Active Ventures Where You Earn without Monetary Investment

Let us first look at legit ways to make money online without investment but by putting in the works.

The ventures I talk about here involve you actively working to earn.

as a student earn 10 dollars daily without investment online


Freelance writing

My very first dollar that I earned online was from freelance writing. I was still a student at the University of Nairobi when I discovered that I could put my writing skills to good use. By then iwriter was a great site where you could easily join and start taking articles to write.

To make money as a freelance writer, all which is required of you is having the right skills, be someone who can follow instructions and are punctual. If you are this person, then you can try out Upwork which is a reputable freelancing site.

Once you have signed up and are accepted into the platform, you will need to go to the available jobs and pitch in your proposal. If the clients love your proposal, they will hire you. Go ahead and provide well written, quality articles so that you can be paid and even rehired.

Lets say that I want to filter writing tasks available on the platform that I can apply to.

I am going to login and show you how to do it.

private upwork profile

Since I am yet to apply for any job since I created my upwork account, my profile shows that it is private and will only become public once I start actively.

Since I am a blogger, I will be looking for writing tasks related to blogging. So I go ahead and typing the word ‘blogging’ into the find jobs tab

And when I search for this, I see some writing task that piques my interest.

The client is looking for new writers for a task where they will pay $6.

Now that I am a starter, let me submit a proposal for this.

For the proposal, I need to point out a disclaimer that I am no expert when it comes to submit cover-letters. Maybe there is someone out there who feels that my proposal is not very apt. You can always advise on how to better it.

Anyway, this is what I do:

You will note that I still go for the $6 payment proposed by the client. I just want a job that will kick-start my freelance career and as such, I do not mind that much how small the client is offering as long as I get something that will get me some pay and a good review.

After submitting the proposal, I will wait for the client to read the proposal and either invite me to an interview or decline me.

Graphic design on Fiverr

I am a pathetic graphic designer. I cannot design my site logo leave alone designing a poster.

Well, graphic design is an innate talent and unless you were born with it, I do not think you can fake it.

For those who have the talent, they can go ahead and create a profile on Fiverr that states what they do and wait for clients to hire you.

Other than Fiverr, there is also Upwork and Toptal where clients are always looking for people with graphic design skills.

Lets use the ‘find jobs’ tab on upwork to look for gigs requiring graphic design skills.


Virtual assistance

On Upwork you will find clients who want you to help them with their daily tasks say for example; posting articles to their WordPress blogs, commenting on other blogs on their behalf, adding affiliate links to their already published articles etc. This is called virtual assistance and to be hired, you will of course be required to first master the skill in question before you can even pitch your proposal.

Again, we can use the search function on upwork to look for jobs available for virtual assistants.

 Facebook Groups Requiring Guest posts for clients on authority sites

If you are a contributor on authority sites such as the Huffingtonpost, Forbes, Thriveglobal, Entrepreneur, The Telegraph, Newyork Post or The Guardian then someone could be looking to hire you write a guest post for their site to be  posted on those sites.

What these clients are looking for is a backlink from those authority sites to their site. Sometimes back, I used to do this for my clients. All I needed to do was first pen high quality posts that were accepted into the sites so that the editors trusted me with an account, I would then go to Facebook groups where clients were looking for contributors like me and I would pitch my services.

Here is an example

facebook guest post advert

Translation tasks

On freelancing sites, you will find people who have text written in one language and they would like it to be translated into another. Of course if you want to be hired for such tasks, you will need to be conversant with the two languages in question.

If you can do it, go ahead and submit a proposal stating that you can complete the task and then wait to see if you will be hired.

Lets try to get the jobs on Upwork once again

translation jobs


Transcription involves turning audio into text. I am sure you have watched those movies which have subtitles at the bottom. Well, that work was done by a transcriber.

In transcription work, you will be given audio files which you are supposed to listen keenly to and write out what is said.

You can sign up for transcription gigs on Transcribeme and Gotranscript.

Let’s take the case of transcribeme.

You will be required to give your personal details, paypal email and the languages that you can transcribe.

In my case, I can only do English but I have to state what type of English be it: North American, Aussie, Irish and British.

After signing up and verifying my email, I am required to do an exam.

Online tutoring and Academic writing

After campus, I had a month stint at academic writing. Here students will want you to do their school assignments, research papers, projects and even exams. While the pay was good, I found it to be rather tiresome and left it. There are however some people who still do it and earn their daily bread from the hustle.

You can sign up for academic writing jobs at Uvocorp, Proficentwriters, Edusson and Essaywriters. The sites though hire seasonally and only want high quality writers so you might be required to do an online test to gauge your capabilities.

Proofreading Jobs

Proofreading is the act of reading copy to make sure that it addresses the needs required as well as see that it is precise and succint. To get such a job, you will require that you have great Grammar skills, are keen to details and can work long hours looking and re-looking at copy to make sure that it reads well. Once you identify mistakes you are either supposed to rectify them (in case they are just minor grammar, spelling and sentence structure errors) or point them to the client if they are major and involve irrelevancy and inconsistency so that they can edit them.

We have looked at amazon proofreading jobs, what they entail and what you need in order to be hired as one.

Legit Ways to Make Passive Online Income

Now this is my favorite category of make money online. Here, you need not work actively everyday. No, once you have set out the systems right, money will be trickling in even when you are sleeping.

Selling an ebook

While writing an ebook will  not earn you a dime in the short term, it will surely earn you passive income in the long term. But the ebook has to be of high quality, solving a certain need and sold to a targeted audience who are looking for solutions in the ebook.

Personally, I have penned two ebooks. However, I was using them as lead magnets to my email subscribers and so they were free. Currently, I am planning to write one which I will sell to my audience in one of my niche website.

Affiliate marketing

My favorite make money online model is affiliate marketing. This is because once you have put in the work and time designing a site, a YouTube channel or a social media handle with good targeted traffic, you can sit down and wait for passive income to roll in.

For affiliate marketing, all you need to do is find a good affiliate marketing program like the ones that we discuss in this post, create a web property say a blog and then go ahead to create content that is going to drive targeted traffic.

In this post, I discuss the steps that I follow in creating a blog that will be monetize with Amazon affiliate marketing.

Anyway, since I am interested in showing you how to earn at least 10 dollars in a day online, I will show you my earning for yesterday from one of my site using the Amazon associates program. So here we go:

My affiliate links got 148 clicks and 25 of those translated to orders. 21 items were shipped and I earned $16.90. Not soo bad, right?

Earning from ads on your blog

This is another online passive income model that I love. What is required of you is to create a web property with good traffic and then you can approach ad network programs with the proposal to post their ads on your blog.

Currently, I am using Google Adsense and ezoic on two of my blogs and I am glad when I login to the accounts at the end of each day and see some passive income no matter how small it might be.

Let us look at my earnings for 2 days on ezoic.

Let us also examine my earnings from Google adsense again for the past two days. Here it is


Wrap Up on legit ways to Earn Money Online

We have explored the different ways that you can earn online without any investment. While you are likely to earn lots of money daily from active freelance work, you need to put in the works and spend time.

For activities such as affiliate marketing, earning from ads and selling eBooks, the only thing you will need is initial investment of say hosting a blog and buying a domain name as well as putting up the content. Once you are done and have good traffic, you will earn passive income.

Amazon Slashed Affiliate Commissions: 9 Alternatives that you can Use

On 14th April, 2020 Amazon announced that they would be slashing commissions that are given to their affiliates so that everyone would be receiving between 1 to 3% and nothing more than that.

amazon slash associate commissions

As you can guess it was very devastating for people like me whose large chunk of online income is from the amazon associates program. I am in the health & personal care niche and as such from their renewed fee schedule, I will be earning a measly 1%.

new amazon associate commission rates

This will cause about a 58% drop in my monthly income so that if I were earning $1000 from my site, it will drop to $420. Now this is bad for a program that I listed as one of my favorite in earning online.


It is very discouraging and I must say that here Amazon has screwed us a good one. Whether this is permament or temporary during this tough covid-19 period, nobody knows.

Of course the announcement caused me a sleepless night and my wife was quick to note that something was very wrong somewhere. Well, I explained to her what the email entailed and what I am expecting as from the 21st of April,2020.


Alternatives to the Amazon Associates Program


alternatives to amazon affiliate marketing


This was not the first time that amazon has reduced their associate commissions. In 2017 when I was still thinking of how to structure my first niche site, there were these complaints from the established affiliates as they cried foul after amazon slashed their income.

We never know; amazon might one day wake up and say that they no longer need their associates. Nobody will be able to do anything to them. We shall all cry about how unfair they are and they will do nothing about it.

It is high time that we all diversified. Over the last two days, I have been applying to a number of affiliate marketing program and I feel that you should be doing the same.

So what are the other alternatives to Amazon

  • Shareasale

Shareasale is part of the Awin network. It is a big affiliate program with thousands of advertisers in the home, health and beauty niches.

I have read  blog post where they are expecting an influx of affiliates following the slash by Amazon.

Though it has been tough before to get accepted into their affiliate program, I hope that they are are going to relax their standards and allow us in.

You will be required  to provide your personal details, the site url and description as well as your email address. I have read a post that advises that you use your username@domain.com email as opposed to a generic gmail or yahoo email account.

You can sign up to shareasale affiliate program here.

Update: I joined shareasale and though they do not have that good a conversion rate, they have better commissions.  I have done an amazon vs shareasale comparison so that you can have a quick look at how the two are different.

Sign up at Shareasale for better Affiliate commissions


  • Homedepot

For those bloggers in the home and furniture niche, homedepot is a good affiliate program that you can sign up for. They also have a large US ecommerce market share and so things might not be so bad for you.

You can sign up here.

  • Flexoffers

For those people in the seniors, shoes and clothing niches, go ahead and sign up with flexoffers.

  • CJ affiliate

CJ affiliate, just like Shareasale has a large number of advertisers. It is multi-niche although they have a bias on health.

You can sign up here.

  • Walmart

Other than Amazon, Walmart is another popular store in the US. And what’s more, they have an ecommerce store that allows affiliate marketers to sell their products.

It is high time you signed up with them but be wary of their commission rates. I was worried to find out that there are certain categories which will not get you any commission.

  • Ebay

Ebay is another popular affiliate program. The only downside is that most people have known it to sell used products and will go there when they want to buy things on auction.

You can sign up to the program here.

  • Chewy

If you are in the pet niche, you need not look far but sign up with Chewy affiliate program.

  • Market your site with ad networks such as Google Adsense, Ezoic, Mediavine and Adthrive

Talking of online income diversification, it is high time that you stopped relying entirely on the affiliate marketing income model and think of other alternatives such as earning through ads.

Personally, I have tried adsense as well as ezoic.

For google adsense and ezoic, they require that you have at least 10000 sessions per month before you can sign up.

For Mediavine, they want you to have at least 25,000 sessions per month. However, they might still reject your site with no good reason even when you have this traffic as  I found out.

Adthrive is for the big boys who have more than 100k sessions per month. I am yet to reach that and so have never tried them out.

Should you ditch amazon for good?


I advise that you do not. Instead find ways in which to incorporate the other affiliate marketing programs to your already existing posts so that you offer your customers a comparison chart with choices where they can buy the products.

You could use choice pages from geniuslink.

choice page by geniuslink

But why am I advising that you do not ditch amazon associates program in totality.

  1. Well, Amazon has very nice conversion rates. For the long period of time that they have been in existence, customers have gained trust in the ecommerce giant. Anytime you send your traffic there, your reader is highly likely to end up buying the product from the site.
  2. Amazon gives you a commission even for products that you do not recommend as long as those products are bought by people who arrived at amazon from your affiliate links. Lets say for example that I am reviwing keyboards on my niche site and someone clicks on one of the keyboards that I am recommending but end up not buying it but rather go ahead to buy a mouse, well amazon will still offer you a commission for that mouse bought.
  3. I have read from some reputable blogs that this commission slash might be temporary. As everyone else, amazon is also going a rough patch during these covid 19 pandemic and as such to secure their profits, they have opted to slash associate commissions. This however is debateable and whether it is permanent or temporal, all we can do is wait.
  4. The affiliate programs that I have listed as alternatives have stringent rules unlike in Amazon where signing up was so easy.

I have also talked about all the ways that one could increase your amazon affiliate income here.