Amazon Proofreading Jobs: What You Need to Be Hired and Where to Get the Jobs

If you have ever read an amazon product description, got moved so much to buy that you went ahead to steal your mother’s credit card to complete the transaction(because you didn’t have cash on you), then you will agree with me that the description was the work of a master copywriter.

It was then fine tuned by an equally impeccable amazon proofreader who tied all the loose ends so that you felt confident about the product.

Or maybe you have ever seen two almost similar products on amazon stores but when you went to read their descriptions, one turned you off not because of anything but because of the unenthusiastic copy used to describe it. The other one maybe completely blew you off and you immediately decided to buy it.

Well, that is another case of amazon proofreading job gone well.


As you might have guessed, in this post, I talk about amazon proofreading, jobs available for impeccable proofreaders, skills needed to scoop such gigs as well as the places where you can be hired for such jobs.


But who is a proofreader?

Now the work of a proofreader, whether you are proofreading for amazon, eBooks, technical content on a site or editing emails, is pretty simple but at the same time important because you are in charge of making sure that copy that passes through you is great, legible and succinct. Precise and consistent.

Copy needs to address the needs of of the reader as well as push them to taking action. Proofreading involves reading keenly through copy to make sure that it is well written.

In case of grammar, concord, spelling, context and consistency errors you are supposed to point them out, suggest how to rectify them or edit them altogether.

Amazon product merchants want to sell. They will therefore write copy that convinces customers to buy. Other than promoting products, their copy could as well give customers a guide on how to use a product. As an amazon proofreader, you need to ensure that the objective of the merchant is well captured. They will hire you to do this.


What you need to have in order to be a good amazon proofreader

  1. Impeccable Native English grammar skills
  2. Internet connectivity and a computer
  3. Keenness to details and ability to work long hours while meticulously dissecting every sentence to see that it reads really well


Where to get Amazon proofreading jobs

  1. Upwork
  2. Iwriter
  3. Freelancer
  4. Fiverr
  5. Facebook groups and linkedin
  6. Your own blog where you will ask people hire you proofread their copy
  7. Peopleperhour and Legiit

Earnings of an amazon proofreader

There is no standard or set earning card for an amazon proofreader. No, you set your own rates according to your skills and proficiency.

To get such jobs as a beginner, you might however start on a low rate, provide pure gold to your clients and then gradually increase your rates per hour as you gain more skills and have good ratings from people whom you have done work for.

What I love about proofreading is that if you do it well, you are going to create a name for yourself. Clients are going to refer you to their friends who might need some proofreading work done for them. Other than that, it is a sure legit way to earn online without paying a dime.