Increase your Amazon Associates Earning with Mobile Pop overs

Conversion rate Optimization (CRO) is all about small wins that are compounded to become big wins. Once I hit $700 per month in amazon earnings, I wondered what I was to do next so as to hit $1000 per month. And one of the small wins that I found out was using the mobile pop over. Another small win was localizing my affiliate links with links which we have reviewed here.

In this post, I show you how to implement mobile pop over to increase your amazon associates earnings.

One thing that I learnt about Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is that it needs not be hard. In fact it can be as easy as changing your CTAs from blue to red, pulling in comparison tables with affiliate buttons for each of the products listed or it could be as easy as using the Amazon mobile pop over tool that recommends products on your site to the readers at the bottom of their smartphone as they scroll your page.

Increasing revenue on your site could also be as easy as starting earning ad revenue if your were not doing so. Monetizing my site with Ezoic ad revenue saw me finally hit $1000 per month. Localizing Amazon affiliate links with genius saw me on the other hand earn an extra $50 per month. Things need not be complicated.

And so as I was thinking of ways to better my revenue last month, I bumped into an Amazon recommendation to use mobile pop over.

How to Implement the Mobile Pop Overs on your amazon associates Site


You need to be an amazon associates. If so, login to Amazon associates central.

Go to your dashboard and click on the Product linking tab and then click on the mobile pop over. You will be given a script to insert in your wordpress site. Copy it and paste on your site theme editor at footer.php just before the </body> html tag.

Product Linking tab on Amazon Associates Dashboard


The Mobile pop over feature

In my case, I used a new affiliate code so as to track the performance of the coe. And believe you me, the next day, I found a click and an order.

Unfortunately, I had to remove the script since I then got accepted into Ezoic and sicne Ezoic displays Google adsense ads even at the bottom of your pages, the mobile pop over would have created a conflict.

It is however a surefire way to increase your affiliate earnings. Try it and tell me what you find out.


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It is such small wins that enable me post this amazon affiliate success story.