How I have earned over $7876 in 2019 Through the Amazon Associates Program

My Amazon Associates Success Story in 2019

Today, I want to give my very own amazon affiliate success story of how I have made over $7000 from the Amazon associates program in 2019. Since we are not yet done with the year, I believe that I will surpass the $8000 mark before we can say goodbye to 2019.

I need to make a disclaimer: That I am not the best amazon affiliate marketer in my country, leave alone in my continent. There are other affiliate marketers earning more and crushing it bigger than I am doing.

But hey, I am proud to say that all my $7876 have been earned passively. I still hold my 8 to 5 job which I took in 2016 and do find time to crush it with passive online income.

It has not been an easy journey. I am looking forward to making it bigger in 2020 and open even more affiliate marketing sites.

So let’s get into the meat of the story.

2018: The Blog is Born

I started the site that has made $7876 in 2018. It is about one and a half years old. This was not my first site. It was my second; my first site was hit by the Google Medic update in 2017 and I gave up on it.

I however started making money on the site after 6 months since its inception. Over the 6 months, I invested lots of time writing content, creating foundation back-links and sharing the blog on all my social media forums.

It was a long six months with nothing coming into my pocket. But because I believed that I would one day see some good income, I was not about to give up. I had also seen other affiliate marketers in my country reap good money from the program. And so I was inspired.

And then some few bucks started trickling in. Then came some more.

Over this year, I have mostly been working on the conversion rate optimization of the site, geo targeting and of late, I have moved into monetization with ad revenue and things are really looking up.

Key takeaways

  • That niche selection and keyword research are the most important parts of affiliate marketing. You have to choose a niche that you are both interested in and at the same time, is easy to rank and start banking.
  • Content creation is the main thing you need to invest lots of time into. Every week, I make sure to upload at least one article on my blog.
  • Sourcing back-links need not be a tough job. No, you can do with a few editorial links from easy sources, blog comments, PBNs and Wikipedia links.
  • If you are looking to make the most out of your current traffic, think conversion rate optimization; you will never regret.

how to make money blogging for beginners

Things that I could have done differently if I were starting another niche site today

  • Look out for high ticket products that sell at high prices on Amazon and therefore attract better commission rates
  • Start geo-targeting with links as quickly as possible since this has seen me earn 280 euros from UK and 175 Canadian dollars.

  • Start monetizing with ads as early as possible. Currently, I have made over $275 with Ezoic ads although I am barely two months using the program.

  • Outsource content writing as early as possible. For the better part of the year, I have not trusted writers to do good content for me. I have been a perfectionist. Currently though, I am outgrowing this trait and have a full time writer doing my content creation. All that is required is for me to guide them on what I want as well as the quality of work I expect from them.

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