2022 Newbie Guide to Amazon Associates Program

I believe that the amazon associates program should be where anyone wishing to dip their feet into online affiliate marketing should start.

Other than the ease to join the program, Amazon has a high reputation for quality products and so your readers are highly likely to make a purchase when you recommend products on the store.

It is also important to note that once you recommend products with your affiliate links, if the reader goes ahead to buy other products other than what you had recommended, you will get a commission on all products bought using your affiliate links.

Having said that,  I feel the Amazon Associates program is one of the legit ways to make money online without much investment and I have it listed here.

So how does one get into the amazon associates program?

It is very easy.

All you need is to go ahead and sign up at amazon associates program , fill in all the contact, website and payment details required and you are good to go.

Let us look at it step by step

  1. Go to Amazon associates program where you will click on the ‘join now for free’ button

2. Next you will be required to provide your name and email address

You might be asked to verify that email address with amazon sending you a six digit code to your email.

3. Fill in your Payee details

Here give  your exact address details

3. Tell Amazon what your site is

4. They will want to confirm that your site is not targeting kids below 13 years.

5. They will then ask you to write what your site is all about. Summarize what you do in your site. In my case I used a fictional ‘domain.com’ as my site and said that I blog about electronics. Then say how you wish to promote their products. You can check the SEO and Social media boxes.

This is the final detail that they will want from you as of now. You can opt to fill your tax and payment details later.

If you are a non-US, you will not pay any taxes and as such you need to indicate that you are not from the US.

For payments, you can also check how you can receive amazon earnings as a non US resident.

Personally, I use my blog to review and recommend products. While one can still use YouTube videos or even Facebook posts, I find using my WordPress blog as the most appropriate.

Steps to Earning through Amazon Associates using a WordPress Blog

So if you have opted for the WordPress blog option, read on.

Before even signing up into the program, you need to have a blog that is ranking for certain buyer keywords.

So the first thing is creating your blog and finding a niche to blog about.

  1. Find a Niche

Niches are fields or topics that feature on your blog posts.

I recommend brainstorming, looking around you or even stealing the niche from other blogs.

Niches can include baby products, clothes for pregnant women, bodybuilding products for men, electronics for students etc.

You can go through nichehacks which has a good number of suggested niches.

2. Keyword Analysis

Once you have a niche, you need to find easy to rank for keywords

I highly recommend using the KGR method by Doug Cunnington to do so.

Lets say that we found the niche ‘clothes for pregnant women’ as the easiest to blog about.

We have a passion for it and are sure to create high quality content around it.

For this blog purposes, will use keyword research tools such as Ubbersuggest to find the search volume per month.

So, in that niche, I want to create a blog post where I review the best panties for pregnant ladies.

So I will go ahead and plug into Ubbersuggest to find what the search volume per month is as well as the SEO difficulty.

Here we go.

My interest is in the search volume per month of 40 and the SEO difficulty of 36.

According to me, that is not too difficult and a search volume of 40 is still something.

Okay, let’s go to the SERPs and see who are ranking and what is their backlink profile like.

So the site that scooped the Google featured snippet happen sto be momlovesbest.com

But what is their backlink profile like according to Ahrefs.

Now they have a DR of 66 and over 5 backlinks pointing onto the page. Now while the DR is rather high, 5 backlinks does not look too high to beat.

So should we go ahead and create a page on ‘panties for pregnant women’.

Not yet.

We need to look through the site momlovesbest.com and see the topical relevance of the site towards clothes for pregnant women.

And well, they are topically relevant. Almost all their posts are about pregnancy clothes.

Also their page has over 3000 words. So if we were to beat them, we would need more high quality content, a stronger backlink profile and also topical relevance.

Keyword Research ain’t a walk in the park. You need to repeatedly try it till you get a good keyword.

If you find one which has a good search volume per month and the people blogging about it do not have topical relevance or have  a weak backlink profile, you can check whether it is KGR compliant.

KGR is a concept by Doug Cunnington where he says that if you find the ratio of the allintitle:keyword to the search volume per month to be less than 0.25, then you can be assured that you will easily rank for the keyword because not so many people are blogging around that.

For example we found our ‘panties for pregnant women’ to have a search volume of 40 people per month.

Now let us look for allintitle:panties for pregnant women on the Serps.

Now the blogs with the panties for pregnant women in their titles are about 1770

Now lets calculate the KGR compliance=allintitle/search volume per month



So that is not KGR compliant.

We better avoid blogging about panties for pregnant women. It looks super competitive.

Disclaimer: Ubersuggest is not the best keyword research tool in the world. I only used it because it is free. I prefer ahrefs which you can get for $7 for one week

3. Create Content

Of course before even creating content, you would need to have a blog, right?

Well, I have written a guide on how you can easily do so at the cost of only $25.

Once you have your list of keywords, create high quality content on the same.

For buyer keywords, I make sure to create content that has a word count of between 1000 to 2500 words.

I would increase it if my competitors have more words than this.

Make sure to create good silos by interlinking.

Matt Diggity says that for every buyer review keyword post, you need to have 5 support posts that interlink to the content.

Say for example that you picked the keyword ‘panties for pregnant women’ as you main buyer keyword.

After creating about 2500 words on it that review say 10 panties, I would create 5 more posts that review 5 of the panties. The individual posts should link out to the main article.

4. Off Page SEO

When your on page seo is top-notch you can go ahead and start working on the off page.

My first backlinks will mostly be blog comments or press release links.

Once I have that done, I now concentrate on stronger backlinks such as white hat guest posts as well as pbns.

I give them time to make my primary keywords rank.

5. Sign up at Amazon

Once I start seeing signs of ranking through my search console, I go ahead and sign up on the amazon associates program and wait to start seeing the orders and earnings trickling in.

Amazon will approve or reject your account once you have had 3 orders on your account.

After approval, I go ahead to add more content, backlinks and conversion rate optimization hacks to make my revenue grow.

6. Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is nothing but making sure that readers behave they way you want them to do when they arrive at a website.

While SEO is responsible for bringing in the traffic, CRO is responsible for making sure that you profit the most from that traffic.

When doing CRO, I will check that I have nice looking product tables, conspicous affiliate text links and awesome product showcases.

One amazing plugin that I recently bumped into that helps create nice comparison tables is Amalinks pro.

With this plugin, gone are the days when I would struggle looking for specific products on the ecommerce store, use sitestripe to get image or text links.

Once you have integrated Amalinks Pro with your Amazon API data, linking out to products is easy and seamless.

Comparison table created with Amalinks Pro

It also has a great intuitive interface with your links looking hip and cool.

If I find that I am attracting traffic in other countries say UK, Canada and Australia, I will add genius link to benefit from revenue from those amazon stores.

At the same time, I may want to use amazon mobile popover ads for people who are reading my blog on their smartphone.

If I have good traffic (say over 10k pageviews) per month, I will install ezoic so as to earn ad revenue.