In Internet Marketing, SEO is king.

Writing great content without backlinks is useless despite what Google might tell you.

Yes, the truth is that backlinks do really help in showing search engines that your content is great and many people are linking out to it.


Getting wikipedia backlinks is therefore vital.

Why the heck buy wikipedia backlinks?

But they are nofollow, right? What effect do they have on your SEO rankings.

Well, I have tried it using my buy wikipedia backlinks service and found out that with Wikipedia, you benefit in the following ways:

  1. You are able to index links very quick

Google seems to love crawling Wikipedia and as such, you will find that your content on wikipedia is easily indexed. Say, that you had a link on wikipedia to your money site, it gets indexed really fast

2. As tier two backlink

Since I have already said that Wikipedia gets indexed really fast, you can see why I use the service as my tier two. Why, if my backlinks on tier one are taking ages to be indexed, just go to wikipedia and have them indexed in the shortest time possible

3. Earn referral traffic from wikipedia

If you have content on wikipedia that is widely read, your link will be clicked on and traffic will find its way to you.

4. Grow your brand

When you are linked to on Wikipedia, you are a popular brand, right? Well, that is how readers see you as. They therefore will take everything you say as gospel truth.

5. Grow your ranking

The most important reason to buy wikipedia backlinks is so as to skyrocket your ranking. Personally, I have seen it in both my money site as well as those of my clients.


Wrap Up on why buy wikipedia backlinks

Having said all these, I hope you now realize the importance of buying wikipedia backlinks. If you do not know it, I usually sell Sw wikipedia backlinks at $5 only where you chose your anchor texts and I translate one of your informative articles so as to post on



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