Today, we will veer off from the norm and look at this testogen review that got back Mike back on track after a writer’s block.


Low testosterone can make you feel lethargic and out of control with your work. I never knew this until I met Mike. Mike was a great freelance writer who would pen at least 10,000 words per day. Now, 10,000 words per day for those who know writing is no joke. It is a great strain on your creative juices. 10,000 words is the kind of word count that you would not wish on your worst enemy. It is this kind of daily word count that will make your look slumped on your back and seem cursed to the keyboard life. Well, that was Mike. And was he making a good sum of money from his hustle. Yes, he was working with an advertising agency and things were looking up. He was living in the leafy suburbs and yes, he was driving. His kids were also going to one of those high end schools in the city where tycoons take their children in the morning and send in chaffeurs to drive them home after school. That was Mike’s life. And did I say that he was also cashing by writing columns on the local newspapers and magazines. Mike’s writing life was rosy and his byline was everywhere you looked.

Writer’s block hits

It was all good until a writer’s block hit. Mike thought it was the normal thing and just like any prudent scribe would do, he took a leave from work and went on a vacation where he did nothing but spend time with is kiddos and cherish the love of his life, Miriam. On getting back to work though, it was never the same. Mike has surely changed. It was hard to cough out any words from his head. He would stare at the computer screen blankly for hours and hours on end. Until, he decided that enough was enough.

His writing mentor was of no help since nothing like that had happened to him. A writer’s block always died after a holiday and loads of good movies. Editors started getting irritated at Mike. Well, they would not understand where he could not even give them 1000 words per day. Mike risked being sacked.

The sack comes

Finally, after two weeks of trying and writing nothing, he was sacked. The editors could not risk anymore. They had to do away with him. Stress fell on Mike. But how?

Andropause is the thing

It is then that he was told that it was normal for 30 plus years men to go through this andropause thing. Andropause is the same as menopause in women. It is a stage where the male hormone testosterone declines so much. Signs of andropause the doctor said included:

  • Lethargic spirit
  • Low ambition
  • Easy fatigue
  • High levels of cortisol (stress hormone)

Fortunately, this could be troubleshot using testogen. The testogen review at that Mike saw gave him hope and he was optimistic that things would go back to normal. And thankfully after three months of taking testogen, Mike was good to churn another 10,000 words per day.



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