Today, I read a piece by James Keru of Kuza Biashara that really got me thinking. It was titled Six Habits That Will Keep You Poor for the Rest of Your Life and one of the habits he said would keep me poor till eternity was  focusing on a linear rather than passive income streams. James Keru is brutally honest with answers and does not mince his words. His writing hurts but shapes. It is one article that I would wish was written in 2013 when I started earning through online writing so that I could think of this online passive income ideas that are guaranteed to have you earn as you sleep.


Unfortunately Kenyan blogging was still in its infantile stage and getting information was like looking for a needle in a haystack—information was so scarce. Those who had it believed that to get richer and richer, they needed to keep the knowledge secret.


My Story of Shifting from Active to Online Passive Income Ideas


Before we go into the different online passive income streams, I want to tell you a story. I hope stories excite you as they do to me.


Here is my story:


I started freelance writing in 2013 under a guy in Embakasi whom I will not mention for privacy purposes. Everyday, I would take Embassava matatus from town ( I was living in University of Nairobi hostels) and alight at a cyber cafe that was located at Pipeline.  That small cyber cafe which


With time, I registered with iwriter and started working there. Though I do not regret working on iwriter because it is there that I truly learnt how to do online writing, I am sure that I spent too much time working for them. After working for three years on the site, I stumbled on a hypnosis ebook which had all articles that I had written for an iwriter requester who had favorited me. The ebook was going for $150 per copy yet I had barely made $30 dollars in selling those articles. The seller was a guy who could barely construct a correct English sentence yet he was making a kill thanks to his brilliant online passive income ideas. Needless to say, that was my wake-up call!  I almost quit freelance writing.


I would not like to see young Kenyans getting tied up in building other people’s dreams while their own dreams are lying down like I got. With the upsurge of African webpreneurs, bidding sites and unemployment levels amongst the youths, many college graduates will unfortunately find themselves doing online freelancing.


I am on this Facebook group made up of very many transcribers and newbie writers. Every day someone is looking for article/academic writers or transcribers. Personally, I have referred newbies to writelearnearn where they can sell their articles on a marketplace. However, what I would like to urge you guys is to have a bigger picture. Transcribe and even write today for some online client but have SMART goals on how you will move away from active work to online passive income streams tomorrow. What most freelancers lack is an exit strategy—what will happen when the guys at upwork, freelancer, contentmart, writelearnearn, go transcript or iwriter decide to close shop tomorrow? Will you go down with them?


Different Online Passive Income Streams You Can Venture into


You might wonder how you would work your way to online passive income ideas. For these ideas, I recommend that you look at some freelancers in Kenya.


1.Amazon Affiliate Marketing: Look at Patrick Mahinge. He was once working at Elance but when he smelt the coffee, he changed course and is now doing Amazon affiliate marketing where he is earning hundreds of thousands. I have joined him here with my marine muscle products and bodybuilding steroids affiliate marketing


In Amazon affiliate marketing, what these guys are doing is creating niche blogs filled with Amazon buyer keywords. If for example I find out that buyers are looking for ‘best baby diapers’, I create a niche blog that targets this keyword and redirects the buyer to Amazon online stores where they buy best baby diapers. I earn back-links and do a lot of SEO so as to rank highly on search engines. If I have convincing copy, nice graphics, keyword-rich content and appear on the first page of a search engine when a buyer searches for it, readers are highly likely to buy through my blog. Amazon keeps cookies and that way, they track where the buyer got the link earning me commissions.




2. Direct Clients and Newbie Training: Look at Victor Nyorani who was at one time touted as one of the best iwriter scribes. He now owns where he trains newbies on online writing, transcription and editing. Though this model is not so much of an online passive income ideas, one is sure to make a big kill.



3. Afilliate and Referrals: Look at Walter Akolo who once owned awesome freelance work profiles but he had later ditched them for direct clients as well as work on his blog which has given him substantial income through Payoneer referrals, Hostgator affiliates and training newbies.



4. Article Marketplace: Look at Spike Wyatt, owner of writelearnearn, an article marketplace where he teaches newbies who sell their articles to him so that he can later sell them to his clients. Spike was also once working in sites such as Helium and Constant Content.










5. Advertising Revenue: At the start of their blogging, the goal of every Kenyan blogger is to probably make revenue through ads posted on their sites. Ghafla Kenya is one site that has probably been able to successfully do this. Ad revenue can either be from corporate companies that have seen your blog and feel that you have enough traffic to drive their sales. It could also be from Google Adsense or Chitika which again post their ads if you have enough online traffic.










How Do You Start Your Journey to Online Passive Income Streams



Start a simple blog where you sell yourself, your products and services. Though the blog may not pick in the first six months, with quality and consistent content, it will build an online audience who will in turn pass word about your works to their networks and in no time, you will attract massive traffic.



With these massive traffic, you can then monetize your efforts using the online passive income ideas that we have discussed. You could:


  1. Register for the Amazon Affiliate associate program
  2.  Create e-courses that you sell to your trainees.
  3. Affiliate sell products for companies such as Hostgator, Payoneer and Namecheap.
  4. Create an article marketplace or writing site where clients order content and writers do it.
  5. Earn from ads generated from chitika, Google adsense or local corporate companies








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