US President elect Donald Trump yesterday named James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis as the next United States Defence Secretary in Cincinnati in a move likely to suggest that Donald sides with those who are as reckless as he is. James Mattis, 66 is a Marine Corps who earlier served as the commander of the US Central Command. For his appointment to go through, he will have to get a Congress approval since in early years, the job has been given to diplomats rather than millitants.


James Mattis has earned himself a reputation as a tough-talking commander who was always bold to go into battles in his years serving in the USA command. He comes in as the second retired general to serve as the States defence secretary. The first was George C Marshall who served in 1950-51 during the Korean war. James Mattis has been described as a ‘defence intellectual’ the president of the Centre for a New American Security, Richard Fontaine. He joined the Marine Corps in 1969 after earning a history degree from Central Washington University.

Known to raise controversy, James Mattis once said to a San Diego forum after the Afghanistan attack, “Actually, it’s a lot of fun to fight. You know, it’s a hell of a hoot. … It’s fun to shoot some people.”  A year later, Mattis was put under scrutiny for allegedly being part of the Us Marines who slew 24 Iraqis. The Iraqis killed in Haditha included young children and unarmed women and were linked to the bombing of a fellow US Marine.


While making the announcement, President-elect Donald Trump, called Mattis with his nickname. “We are going to appoint Mad Dog as our Defence Secretary,” he told the applauding audience in Ohio. “But we’re not announcing it until Monday, so don’t tell anyone. Mad Dog. He is great.”

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