How I Earned an Extra $50 per month on Amazon Associates Using Link Link Review

Genius helped me earn the UK and Canada affiliate income

If you are an affiliate marketer with Amazon, you must be looking for ways to increase your revenue. Well, one effortless way that I found out was inserting the genius link plugin and letting it localize your links so that you can start earning revenue from Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon Germany and Amazon Australia.

Well, I did it and saw at least an increase of $50 in my Amazon associates earnings. Not bad because the subscription cost for Genius link is a measly $10. So every month, I am getting a profit of $40. It might seem small but it is still something to me.

What are the requirements to start localizing your Amazon links with Genius plugin

  1. Actually the only requirement is that you are an amazon affiliate marketer with any of their stores. If so, you can then go ahead to localize the links so that you start redirecting your readers to their respective amazon stores.
  2. You should have signed up as an associates with all the stores where you wish to localize your links. If for example you are an affiliate with and want to send your UK readers to, then you will need to sign up as an associate with Amazon UK.

Benefits of Having Genius Link

  • Localize your Amazon links: After installing Genius link, I found out that I was leaving a lot of money on the table. I was surprised that on those months that I earned over $500 from Amazon US, I must have been leaving from $50 to $100 from Amazon UK, CA and Australia.
  • Better your reader experience: I figured out that if someone was in the UK and wanted a review of a beard shaver on my site but found out that I was directing them to instead of, they were going to be pissed off and were not likely to visit my site again. With Genius link though, you will direct them to the store that is appropriate for them based on their ip address.
  • Know the amount of links you are getting from individual countries: After signing up on Genius Link, I was provided with a dashboard which had statistics of the clicks I was getting as well as where they were coming from. This was good as it showed me which other country to sign up for as an affiliate with Amazon.

clicks by country

  • It informed me of the products that were out of stock as well as my broken links: This way, I was able to better my user experience as well as replace the broken links or change products which were out of stock.

amazon affiliate link health

  • link has a 14 day free trial: During this period, I had already seen revenue of over $20 and so I stuck with it since it had showed positive results. link 14 days trial

  • Awesome customer support: There was this one month when there were no funds on my credit card. Isaac of Genius link was very understanding and even went ahead to come up with a good payment plan for me. See it here on email.

  • Recommended countries where I need to sign up with Amazon as their affiliate. They for example in the picture below recommend that I sign up with Amazon associates India since am receiving a good amount of clicks from there.

recommendation to join amazon associate india


How to Install Link On your Site

Installing link proved to be an easy thing since all I needed to do is:

1. Sign up for the account

2. Provide my credit card details,

3. Install the plugin on your site.

4. Generate the API and intergrate on your site

5. Put down your AmazonĀ  affiliate tracking codes and I was done.

After a day or two, Genius started showing clicks and my UK, CA and Australia accounts started showing revenue.

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