Low Testosterone and a Writer’s Block Affect Mike’s Work

Today, we will veer off from the norm and look at this testogen review that got back Mike back on track after a writer’s block.


Low testosterone can make you feel lethargic and out of control with your work. I never knew this until I met Mike. Mike was a great freelance writer who would pen at least 10,000 words per day. Now, 10,000 words per day for those who know writing is no joke. It is a great strain on your creative juices. 10,000 words is the kind of word count that you would not wish on your worst enemy. It is this kind of daily word count that will make your look slumped on your back and seem cursed to the keyboard life. Well, that was Mike. And was he making a good sum of money from his hustle. Yes, he was working with an advertising agency and things were looking up. He was living in the leafy suburbs and yes, he was driving. His kids were also going to one of those high end schools in the city where tycoons take their children in the morning and send in chaffeurs to drive them home after school. That was Mike’s life. And did I say that he was also cashing by writing columns on the local newspapers and magazines. Mike’s writing life was rosy and his byline was everywhere you looked.

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Earn by Writing on Hivisasa as a Citizen Journalist

Do you want to work as a citizen journalist and earn from your sweat? There are those of us who went to journalism school or wanted to be news journalists but mainstream media houses would not just accommodate us. They had too many writers on their plate and as such we would have to wait to till heaven knows when before they employed us or we saw our bylines on the papers. Anytime we send them unsolicited articles that we want to see published on the papers, our efforts are met with silence. The editor just blushes through the email and since they have a full time journalist covering the story, your article never sees the light of the day. One feels like giving up and looking for another profession, don’t you? Well, I have been in those very shoes and I know how bad it feels. But here is the good news; there is an online publication that will accept your articles. All you need to do is pen good articles revolving on what is trending in Kenya, send them and if they are published, you get 100shs in your Mpesa account. When you write for hivisasa, all this comes to pass.

write for hivisasa

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How To Write Anything, Learn And Get Paid On the Write Learn Earn Website


Imagine writing about anything you love, selling it and getting paid for your efforts. Picture the number of articles you would write per day about that topic you are passionate about. Visualize yourself becoming an authority in that field because it is a niche you are comfortable in and earning through a write learn earn process. Well, away from content mills and scammers, here is a website  called write learn earn that markets your work and you actually get paid. Handsomely. A 500 word article can fetch $15. Good money, right?


write learn earn

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