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thrive global links

For a long time now, I have been getting free do follow backlinks on for my own niche sites as well as selling the same to customers here on Facebook as well as Black hat world. Today, I will show you how I easily do this.

Getting Thrive Global Links is a highly authoritative website owned by Arianna Huffington. It is a multi-niche website but it mostly dwells on thematic concerns such as burnout, stress management, technology and business success. Over the years, I have found that it is really easy to get do follow backlinks on the site despite their strong media policy against linking to commercial/promotional websites.

Thrive Global Metrics according to Ahrefs

Why you need backlinks from thrive global

  • According to Ahrefs, the site has a Domain rating of 84. Neil Patel’s Ubbersuggest tool says that it has an organic monthly traffic of over 200,000 visitors.
Thrive global metrics according to Ubersuggest
  • Links from the site are purely do follow and you are sure to see an improvement in ranking.
  • You are likely to get referral readers from Thrive global to your site if you play your cards well.
  • Fast indexing. Articles on thrive global are indexed within 5 minutes.

How to get the thrive global links

I need not teach you how to create an account nor how to write on the site as they have clearly guided you on that here.

  1. One thing that I should mention is that the article you write needs to be tailor made for the themes of burnout, technology, business success, unplugging &recharging, stress management. The article also needs to somehow relate to your niche so that you can directly link to your site using your choice anchor texts.

Say for example that I am in the baby niche and I need to link to my baby rockers review page on my site. I would in such a case write an article on how mothers can avoid burnout when taking care of toddlers. I would go ahead writing generic things that mothers need to do to avoid burnout such as getting a nanny, asking for help from the hubby and then mention that they need a baby rocker (with a link pointing to my site).

2. Make your first paragraph as captivating as possible and have it reflecting the thematic concerns that Thrive global cares about. Doing this will please the reviewer who will believe that the entire article is good and you have not made any sneaky moves.

3. Make sure that the link pointing to your site neither appears in the first paragraph nor the last. Your reviewer is highly likely to go through these two paragraphs and find out that you have linked out to your site thereby rejecting the article.

3. Have article titles and extracts that will quickly please the reviewer when they glance at them so that they can quickly publish the article.

Some don’ts while getting links on thrive global

  • Once an article has been rejected, do not try to republish it.
  • Do not use a title, permalink or excerpt that reads promotional
  • Do not bold your outbound links

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