SEO Wikipedia background: how to get wiki backlinks

You must have come here asking how to create quality backlinks for my website. Well, just a few minutes and you will get that which you need. In this post, I promise to show you how to get quality backlinks and one of those ways is wikipedia links.

We all know how hard it is to gain English wikipedia backlinks.Seos will tell you to fix wikipedia broken links but the truth is that it never sticks. At the same time, we know how beneficial they would be for SEO. Though nofollow, Wikipedia backlinks form part of Google’s Knowledge graph. Other benefits of wikipedia backlinks are:

  1. Wikipedia site has Moz DA 100 and PA 67.
  2. Wikipedia site has Ahrefs DR 70 and UR 38.
  3. Wikipedia articles are interlinked meaning that what you get is awesome link juice.

wikipedia for seo

With these awesome metrics, I believe you see the benefit of wikipedia for seo

I remember the day I first tried to get English wikipedia backlinks. I tried creating one page for a record 12 hours. Not that the word count was big. No, it was only 300 words but the editors were merciless. Every time I uploaded the content, they would go mad on me and demand for a speedy deletion. They then labeled me as a sockpuppet and meatpuppet.

I had to find another solution so as to earn wikipedia links.

Our solution ( our Seo Wikipedia backlink service)

We looked for other foreign language wikipedia projects such as and and collaborated with the strict editors. So what will you get:

  1. Two articles on the two wikipedia project sites with an article on your niche.
  2. The wikipedia backlinks sticks for ever
  3. We insert relevant original images from your site or any other good source
  4. We give you English anchor texts trhough the article is written in foreign language.

What do we require from you for the wikipedia for seo

  1. Your website page url that you want backlinked
  2. Your anchor text that you want to rank for
  3. Payments
  4. Time to complete the work

Our SEO Wikipedia Link Services

wikipedia links

Are you a musician, company, website owner, institution or individual looking for a Wikipedia page creator, look no further because we are here for you.

We will create a wikipedia page that will not be speedily deleted but will stay for at least 6 months.

Our wikipedia backlinks service will see you rise in ranking since Wikipedia though no-follow forms part of Google Knowledge graph. It is therefore reliable and a trustworthy way to show Google that you have what it takes to command respect.

Our guarantee once you buy wikipedia backlink

  1. That the wikipedia links will stick.
  2. Wikipedia backlinks are high quality and will push your rankings. However, we cannot ignore your on-page, mobile first settings on your website but after using this service for over 2 years, we have seen significant increase in our rankings and traffic.
  3. That we will refund your money incase we are not able to deliver the wikipedia backlinks
  4. That we will try to look for reciprocal links incase a page goes down.

Contacts to get your high quality wikipedia backlinks:

Pay via paypal to

Send me an email or contact on skype at

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