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Hello affiliate marketer.  You by now know that Wikipedia is a source of high quality backlinks. Though they are ‘no-follow’, Google treats them with a lot authority because Wikipedia is one site where before an article is published, it goes through a lot of editorial review for it to be accepted. I have also seen a mighty shove in my own rank when I got Swahili Wikipedia backlinks. The Swahili Wikipedia backlinks website has a UR of 38 and a DR of 70. Its rank on Ahrefs is 2091 at the time of this publication.


Why Publish on Swahili Wikipedia?

I decided to go the Swahili Wikipedia backlinks way as opposed to English Wikipedia backlinks because of the following reasons:

  1. Swahili is an East African language. If we do not publish our articles on Swahili Wikipedia, who else will? Currently, there are only about 40,000 articles on the website. I tried to search for stories of reputable Swahili novelists such as Ken Walibora, Said Ahmed Mohammed among others. Wallah Bin Wallah has an article there because I published about him a while back.


  1. Publishing my articles on the English Wikipedia was met with a lot of editorial reviews, revisions and eventual rejections. English Wikipedians are so many and they are out there to frustrate the writers. Unless you are really good in what you do and are an authority to reckon with, English Wikipedia is not the place for you. Swahili Wikipedia offers the same services as English Wikipedia—mbona kuandika kwa mate ilhali wino upo?


  1. The other reason is that I am a good Swahili writer. Well, my Swahili is not as good as my English but what else would I be doing with my Swahili other than writing on Swahili Wikipedia.


How to write on Swahili Wikipedia

  1. Create an account

To write on Swahili Wikipedia, you must of course have a Swahili Wikipedia account. Head on to and click on ‘Unda Akaunti’ which means ‘Create account’.


swahili wikipedia backlinks











After that you will be asked to provide your jina la mtumiaji (your name), neno la siri (password) and thibitisha neno la siri (confirm password), anwani ya barua pepe (email address), a capctha code and then click on Unda akaunti yako (create your account).


  1. Once you have created and confirmed your account, you can head on to check whether the topic you want to write about has already been written by another Wiki writer. I for example want to write an article on gynecomastia (man boobs) —a health condition where men have boobs. To Swahilisize it, I will look for ‘jinekomastia’ in the ‘Kutafuta’ tab.  If it appears among the search results, then it has been written about otherwise if it appears in red with the instructions that I can go right ahead and write about it, I will click on the red text and proceed to write about it.

swahili wikipedia backlink












Boom! Jinekomastia has not yet been written about. I can go right ahead and write an article about it. My article needs to be:

  • I need to inform my Swahili Wiki reader what jinekomastia is, what causes it and hot it can be treated.
  • Other than sneaking backlinks, Wikipedia is not a promotional forum where you praise a certain jinekomastia doctor or say that your website sells jinekomastia drugs. No, you are supposed to be very objective.
  • My jinekomastia article should have as many references as possible. And of course one of those references will be pointing to my affiliate marketing website.


How to Backlink Your Article

Once I have written the article, I can go right ahead to insert references as well as sneak in my affiliate marketing backlinks from my money blog.  As you do so, kindly note that Wikipedia is one website maintained by multiple voluntary editors who are ever working to see that everything posted is quality. They might therefore as well verify that what you used as your references has what you claim it has.


My affiliate marketing website is all about testosterone. People with low testosterone levels are likely to get gynecomastia. Do you see how easy it is going to be for me to sneak my backlinks? Well, I sneak them in and publish the article.


Once you have finished writing you article (I usually like doing a 500 words plus article), you can go right ahead to publish it. Wikipedia would however like to know what you have done. I write ‘Makala kuhusu jinekomastia’. That sentence will give editors a hint on what the article is all about. After  I write that, I hit the ‘Publish Page’ button and the inform me that the page has been created.

swahili wikipedia backlinks












Wrap Up

That was publishing my article in Swahili Wikipedia and gaining a Swahili wikipedia backlinks from the authority monster. In two weeks’ time, my zeal will pay off when I jump positions on Ahrefs. In the meantime, I should nurse my Wikipedia article and periodically keep on checking it lest it is flagged off or deleted. If someone adds relevant material to the article, I will be notified so as to check that it is factual and that they have not removed my website backlinks in their editing.








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