Last week, I earned my first 13 euros through affiliate marketing. Okay, let’s repeat that slowly. All of us. JAMES. EARNED. HIS.FIRST. 13. EUROS. THROUGH. AFFILIATE. MARKETING. Yes, I know 13 euros is such a small amount to make me brag. In fact, I have earned more than that in other online avenues. Other people have earned more than 1000 times of that. But hey, I am allowed to blow my trumpet abit because I did it out chiefly from a passive way a thing that I only dreamt about before.














How? I set up a website called where I write about male health and review different testosterone products from MoreNiche Affiliate network and before two weeks were gone, I made a sale and the 13 euros came to my account. And what’s more, the site which is still under construction is still getting traffic and I look forward to more sales in the coming weeks.


Why affiliate marketing?

When you have done something for three years of course with stops, high and low moments, you are bound to understand the ins and outs of the business. You are bound to know what works best and what doesn’t. Personally, I have come to realize that in earning online, active income will never take you anywhere. You will burn out and not be able to continue any further.  However, with passive income, you are able to have breaks, vacations and an occasional family dinner here and there. You are also able to devise ways on how to diversify your online earnings.


But what are the passive income streams you ask? Well here are some:

  1. Writing and selling ebooks both locally and on Amazon.
  2. Affiliate marketing.
  3. Having paid ads on your website.

In this post I will be focusing on affiliate marketing but before that— a story.


My Early Online Beginnings

When I was stepping into the world of online earning in 2013, information was really scarce. It took you long before you figured out how you could earn from the Internet.


Fortunately for me, after completing my third year studies at the University of Nairobi, I took time strolling from one Nairobi job notice board to the other till I found this Ad at Tom Mboya Street asking for writers. The employer would train the applicants on how to write and then give them writing jobs. I applied for the job and the guy was quick to reply with an email asking me to write a 200 word sample article on the keyword ‘air conditioners in Honololulu.’ My grammar wasn’t that bad because I was always posting on Facebook and as such had got the knack for writing coherent sentences. He accepted my article and I was to start the job the following Monday at the company offices in Pipeline.


I was so excited as I told my coursemates that rather than do a free internship at Kenya National Bureau of Statistics since I was pursuing Statistics at the University, I would go and learn how to earn money online. I have never regretted that decision!


The job entailed reporting at the company offices—the company office was just a cyber café—everyday at 8.00 a.m to meet emails with keywords on the articles I was to do for the day. I would then sit, research on the keywords and write articles on the same. The articles were mostly SEO paragraphs which I was to sprinkle with keywords here and there. The grammar didn’t matter so much since at that time, it is as though we were writing for Google rather than people. For a 200 word article, I was to be paid 50Ksh. But hey, it wasn’t that bad for a college student who was still very wet in the ears and was anxious about this earning online thing! And if anything, I could write four to five articles per day.


Of course, I later left the job after realizing that there are sites such as iwriter where I could get paid 100Kshs for 150 words.  After working at iwriter and rising to the level of premium writer, I however noted a certain pattern. Most of the people who ordered content from me stated that the content would be used on their Amazon affiliate pages and I therefore needed to write as though I had already purchased the product that they were promoting. This made me want to explore further and I found out that the iwriter clients were mostly affiliate marketers who would use my content to post on their sites and earn lots of money through it.


I am fortunate human being because I bumped onto 2017 Internet Marketing Challenge where members are Amazon affiliate marketers and share awesome resources on how to do affiliate marketing.


  1. What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission through promoting other people’s or company’s products. You find a product you like, promote it to others, and earn a piece of profit for each sale that you make. And hey, you do not need to love the product that much. Some of the products you can promote include medicinal products, tech gadgets, software and services.



  1. How to earn through affiliate marketing.
  • Decide on a business model.
  • Create a website.
  • Select a niche/an area of specialization.
  • Choose products and services and write reviews/descriptions about them.
  • Find and work with affiliates.
  • Drive traffic to your affiliate website.
  • Customers buy the product and you earn a commission.


The three methods I am using to attract customers

In affiliate marketing, getting the customer and making them buy is the key. You got to do it very nicely so that you can see sales going up.



  • The good old Facebook where you write posts promoting a product and pasting your affiliate link along the way.
  • Email marketing. Are you subscribed to those blogs where they daily send you emails about a certain product that you might be interested in? Well, email marketing works in that way. You set up a blog, get subscribers and the next thing is you sending your subscribers some sales copy telling them to buy a certain product.
  • Organic traffic where you set up a blog and work your way to the top of Google page through some buyer keywords.


  1. What are the different affiliate networks?


Well there are a tonne of affiliate networks but one needs to choose their network really wisely. Personally, I have tried Amazon who are yet to approve me and More Niche which helped me earn the cool 13 euros. I like More Niche very much because they have affiliate managers who give you attention as you set up your website and are able to tell you what works and what doesn’t.


What to expect in affiliate marketing?


  1. The journey will be tough. Really tough. You got to be very creative otherwise you will not see good things coming to you. For one, when people are buying products, they need to see lengthy reviews. They also wish to see you as an expert. Google search engine also expects that you will write long form content so that they can rank you highly.


  1. Again, you need to know your demographics. Personally, with my testosterone website, I am targeting a US audience. Not many people will buy my testosterone products in Kenya, will they?


  1. And then there is a lot of backlinking and research you need to do. But hey, we will talk about that in a later post.


  1. Have a Payooner MasterCard since most of these affiliate sites need you to have a US bank account and since we are not there, set up a virtual account through the Payoneer card. (If you use my link here, you will earn $25 once you load $100 into your Payoneer account).


Your Take Home Words From me


Earning through affiliate marketing is possible. I have tried and seen it work. Now what remains is for us to embrace it and once we do so, we will be smiling all the way to the bank with little or no tiring that comes from active work. But hey, it is not simple. It demands patience, resilience and a great model that will work. In the next posts, I will be telling you in detail how I started my journey and how things are faring with my new passive income babe.


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