After the magnanimous launch filled with pomp and the deep criticism that followed from two renown freelancers (read Walter Akolo and Sheeroh Murega Kiarie), Ajira Digital has smelt the coffee and decided to partner with the old dogs in the freelancing trade. They have announced open vacancies for freelance trainers and mentors to train Kenyan newbies earn online. They are looking for people with 3 years (plus) experience in online freelancing  to train newbies earn and get jobs. Ajira Digital will pay the trainees. You can apply here


My take: It seems Ajira Digital have finally realized that to get ahead with the initiative, they have to use experts and experienced people in the trade.

Who Qualifies to Train Kenyan Newbies and Earn Online

  • Anyone who has 3 years’ and plus experience in online freelancing
  • Have at least trained and given jobs to newbie freelancers.
  • Have an awesome portfolio on reputable freelancing sites
  • Charge reasonably for your training services
  • Have a workable training method either face to face training, emails, phone calls, Whatsapp or Skype.
train Kenyan newbies earn online
Train Kenyan Newbies Earn Online

Why is this good for Kenyan Freelancing?

  1. Awesome for Newbies

We are finally getting somewhere in Kenyan online freelancing. In a few months’ time, newbies will not pay even a shilling to get trained. All they will have to do is register on Ajira Digital and get trainers to train them for free.

My advice: If you are a newbie, hurry up and register on Ajira Digital so that when they roll out their program, you will be among those newbies taught how to earn online by the trainers.

  1. Awesome for Trainers 

It is also a good move for reputable trainers since they will not have to work too hard trying to get newbies to train. With a monthly payment guaranteed from Ajira Digital, they will prepare worthy training content and deliver it to their trainees. Trainers will also be able to exceed the income once they train Kenyan newbies earn online.

  1. Awesome for Clients

Well trained freelancers is a plus for online clients since they will receive quality work. With a well fed trainer (he..he..) whose sole vision is to churn well trained freelancers, the Kenyan online freelance profile will also soar high.

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