Before you read this post, kindly note that write learn earn have closed down their services and are no longer accepting articles on sale. Here is the full announcement.


Psss! My dear friend, to earn online through writing, you have got to work. Yes, you have to. Nothing comes on a silver platter as you will see in my online writing free ebook. And nobody will give you free money simply because you are a newbie. So, sit your ass down, caress that keyboard and write. Writers write! They do not go around calling themselves ‘newbies new in the trade’. But you can rest assured that we the old dogs in the trade will always be out there trying thick and thin to help you write and earn. In whatever way we can. Yes, we will teach you how to write and earn, transcribe, blog…etc. But nobody will do the work for you. If you want to earn, work!


In my latest posts, I wrote about how I use the WLE to sell articles. I also wrote on pitfalls to avoid on WLE. Today, I come with something bigger and better. To help you get published online and earn a few bucks from article sales on WLE, I have written an online writing free eBook that I am offering. Yes, free! It is titled ‘Kickstart Your Writing Career with WriteLearnEarn (WLE). Grab it, read it and apply the maxims provided in it to earn from WLE.

What will you find in this online writing free eBook?

  • Guiding steps on how to register on WLE, write and submit articles, sell and withdraw cash.
  • Sample accepted articles that I have written on the site and the comments from the WLE editors
  • Sample rejected articles and editor’s reasons for rejecting them.

You might be wondering why I am offering an ebook freely.

“Who does that? Everyone sells”

Well, the truth is that I debated in my heart for long on whether to really offer it for free. But heck, I remembered how I struggled to find information when I started my writing career in 2013. And since I do not want anybody to go through what I went, I decided to give this online writing free ebook.  But psss! I am earning from referring guys to WLE. So if you want to join and earn on the site, why don’t you do me good and use my referral link here to do so.

Okay, without mincing any more words, here is the download link of my online writing free ebook on write and earn. All the best.

Kickstart Your Writing Career With WriteLearnEarn (WLE)

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