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In my previous article here on sell articles marketplace, I wrote on how I personally write articles on WLE and sell them.

I would be lying if I said that is one site where you write online and get rich overnight. No, but  it is a good site for newbie freelancers to start on rather than write on content mills.


With content mills, you are a robot. You write crappy salesy copy that have to meet a certain SEO criteria. With though, you write what you want and get paid for it. What’s more, you learn on the job from the friendly editors.

What Should You Avoid on Sell Articles Marketplace

  1. Plagiarism

As you might have guessed, everybody hates plagiarism. Plagiarists are thieves and they should be shot on site. is no different. Avoid copied content that does
not give credit to the original source. Better still, write authentically from a viewpoint that has not been discussed earlier.

  1. Opinion pieces with the Pronoun ‘I’ Screaming Everywhere

The guys are not looking for your opinion; they want to sell your article. They hate ‘me’ or ‘I’ articles. In Internet article writing, readers are not looking for short stories and opeds. No, they are looking for authoritative information.

  1. Product Descriptions and Reviews

When you write a product description or review, you limit the marketing of your article. If for example you write on ‘Traxxas Rc car’, you  limit Spyke Wyatt and his group to sell your article to the Traxxas Rc car sellers only. This is not good at all. You would rather write a general article on ‘Tips to Choosing the Best RC car’.

  1. Time-Bound Articles

Avoid time-bound articles. In the beginning of the year, I wrote  an article titled ‘A Freelancer’s Resolutions for Year 2017’. I then went ahead to give details on how Kenyan freelance writers could best earn in January 2017. The editors praised my article but said that the time factor limited it.  What if the site never found a buyer until December–would the title not downplay my painstaking work? I got the correction and rewrote the article removing the words resolutions and 2017. Who knows, the article might get a buyer in February?

  1. Filler and Fluff 

While trying to reach a desired word count, writers have devised filler and fluff content. Well, the truth is that filler and fluff makes an article unpalatable. Picture this:


‘Internet writing demands that one have good grammar, punctuation, flowery language among other things’

The above is filler and fluff. For one, good grammar entails punctuation and flowery language so we only need to mention the former. Again, what the hell is ‘other things’? The sentence can be rewritten as

‘Internet writing demands good grammar’

  1. Academic Writing

The site is not an academic one. No buyer wants to buy a research paper, lab report, term paper or dissertation. No, the site is visited by webmasters and content marketers. All they are looking for are ‘how to’ articles, Do It Yourself (DIYs), blog posts and informational content that will drive traffic to their sites. If you are an academic writer, cast your net elsewhere since writelearnearn isn’t the place.


In conclusion, writing and sell articles marketplace on writelearnearn is not easy as most people would like to have it. Earning online  my dear friends is not a walk in the park. At the same time, it isn’t THAAT hard if one follows the instructions and is determined to learn.

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7 thoughts on “Writing on WritelearnEarn–What to Avoid

  1. Thanks for the insight. A question though, writing a topic that has been written before but in my own words, is that considered plagiarism!?

    1. In article writing, plagiarism is checked via Copyspace. If there are more than four words copied directly from another site, then that is considered as plagiarized content. So if you re-write something in your own words, adding a different angle to the thought process, then that is not plagiarism

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